Planting American chestnut seedlings in Bangor

Posted June 03, 2011, at 10:56 p.m.

Glen Rea (right) of Bangor, chairman of The American Chestnut Association, and Bangor city forester Brian Dugas, shovel topsoil around one of two newly planted 1-year-old Chestnut saplings in a clearing off the Loop Road in the Rolland F. Perry City Forest on Friday afternoon, June 3, 2011. The plantings are part of an national effort to re-introduce the American chestnut in the U.S after a 100-year-old chestnut blight nearly wiped away the native American tree. The trees are a gift from The Maine Chapter of the The American Chestnut Foundation to the city of Bangor and are the culmination of 26 years of backcross breeding and approximately $30 million in research costs. According to fellow TACF board member Ann Rea, 250 old growth chestnut trees have been found in Maine — from the New Hampshire border and as far north as Milo. In seven years these young trees should start to seed, the group said.