June 21, 2018
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Gear Box: Stormproof Matches

Courtesy photo | BDN
Courtesy photo | BDN
UCO's Stormproof matches
By Jeff Strout, BDN Staff

If you venture into the wilds much, sooner or later you’ll find yourself in need of fire — to cook, dry out, keep warm or all of the above.

And often when the need hits, it will be rainy, foggy, damp and dismal, and your odds of getting that welcome flame will be diminished. And if Murphy’s Law has anything to do with it you’ll find your matches are wet too, and won’t light.

This is the time to have Uco Stormproof Matches by Industrial Revolution in your hands. It doesn’t matter if the 3-inch-long wooden matches have been under water. I submerged a few to test them. Draw one across the striker, which resembles one you’d find on wooden match boxes, and the match springs to life. The 1½-inch-long coating burns for 15 seconds, giving you enough time to ignite tinder, birch bark, “witch wood” or other fire-starting materials.

The kit contains 25 matches, three strikers and the waterproof container, which weighs less than 1 ounce. Or you could purchase just the matches that come plastic-wrapped and packed in a cardboard box.  Get a pack or two of these and put them in your survival kit or in your camping gear. Chances are the time will come when you’ll be happy you did.

If Industrial Revolution sounds familiar, it may be because you’ve owned or heard of the Uco Original Candle Lantern that’s been around since 1973 or so. It’s the one that opens from a 2-by-four-inch cylinder to a 6½-inch-tall glass-globed candle-powered lantern with a spring that keeps the candle pushed up from the bottom. The company has since become the U.S. distributor of Light My Fire of Sweden, makers of the sport and Swedish FireSteel that are so popular with campers.

Stormproof Matches: Single pack $3.99; Twin pack $5.99.

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