June 24, 2018
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May 26, 2011: Rumor mill in mill town, middle class anger

The big one

Of interest to me is all the concern about the end days when in fact each and every one of us will face our own end day. If you are ready for your own end day you are ready for the big one.

The operative question then becomes what preparation (spiritual) have you made for the day your physical body dies and you face your creator (God)?

Glennice Cline


• • •

Chancellor savings

The news that University of Maine System chancellor Rich Pattenaude will leave in 2012 prompts this modest proposal for improving higher education in Maine. Instead of hiring a new chancellor, divide his duties among the several highly paid vice chancellors and use the $220,000 savings to restore programs cut last year at the university.

Strong programs in public administration, languages and women’s studies are essential to making a university distinguished and to attracting top high school students, many of whom are heading out of state for college.

The system office is top heavy with administrators. Replacing Pattenaude looks like a luxury our economically strapped state can’t afford.

Peg Cruikshank


• • •

Full-tilt rumor mill

I was taken aback when I read that Good Shepherd Food Bank had relinquished ICare Ministries as a venue for food distribution due to “compliance issues.”

I’ve known pastor Herschel Hafford for at least 20 years, and I think it’s ludicrous to believe he would actually attempt to coerce, however lightly, somebody in need to attend his church.

Nearly a decade ago I was one among hundreds to lose their jobs at Great Northern Paper when the company filed for bankruptcy. After being unemployed for a few weeks and with the long end of winter still ahead, I swallowed my pride like others and paid a visit to ICare Ministries.

When pastor Hafford saw me signing in, he asked why I hadn’t been in sooner. I recall shrugging and saying something to the effect of it being “awkward” for me, especially since I wasn’t a regular “church-goer” at any parish. I remember clearly the gist of the pastor’s reply: His immediate goal was not to fill pews, but to help those in need.

Whenever I returned over the next couple of months pastor Hafford would talk about fishing more than anything else. Attending church was never, ever part of the conversation.

The vague allegations against pastor Hafford continue to show that even though the paper mill in Millinocket is idle, the rumor mill in the community continues full tilt.

R. David White

East Millinocket

• • •

Middle class anger

It is time to take real good look at the avalanche of corporate greed and how those responsible have our government in their pocket. Our government has forsaken the middle class American because they are repaying those who give them the funds to advertise themselves into a position of power.

Do not fool yourself into believing NAFTA made your life better. It made the unpatriotic rich become mega-rich. When Maine lost 30,000 jobs to NAFTA,  where were your senators?  Where were the patriots?

Where is Exxon-Mobil when the economy is so bad that nobody can get a pay raise?  They are getting record profits and everything is going up except our pay.

Where is the $4 trillion Washington took from Social Security? We must vote every incumbent out of office regardless of political affiliation. This is the only message we can send. The next two elections I will use this message. Please join me.

Harry Riley


• • •

The gift of advertising

I take issue with the use of the term “gift” in regard to the  University of Maine’s $5 million field house and Memorial Gym project received from New Balance.

According to Webster’s dictionary, a gift is “that which is given or bestowed; anything which is voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation; a donation; a present.”

As the BDN clearly states, New Balance will “receive naming rights in exchange for gift.” In other words, advertising! This is not a gift, this is the purchasing of advertising for a 20-year period!

Although this “gift” might be helping UMaine, it is clearly not a  gift in the true sense of the word and New Balance should not receive  such credit. It’s very quaint that such corporations are trying to convince John Q. Public that these acts are gifts. I, for one, am not swayed.

Alison Johnson

Birch Harbor

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