June 19, 2018
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Readers pan billboard return

In this, the last week of ClickBack, readers commented on legislative proposals to allow billboards on Maine highways and on the British monarchy. Next week, look for the debut of The Maine Debate, a live, online chat editorial page feature. The first topic is Wednesday’s vote on building a new Bangor arena and conference center.

Should billboards be allowed in Maine again?

I doubt there is any economic benefit for bringing back the billboards unless it is for the billboard makers and advertising agencies. Travel along any highway in any part of the country where billboards litter the sides of the roads and it would provide a good example of the mess they cause.


The concept that travelers will want to get off an interstate to do business with a smaller business because they read their billboards is a flawed one.

Travelers are there to travel to their destination, where they will spend their money. Interstates have rest stops with food, gas and toilets because these are the bare minimums that travelers will stop for and not to “shop locally.” I-95 is most certainly not Route 1.

Let’s keep our “brand” up: beautiful Maine. Reject more billboards!


Keep that crap off of our highways. If you want to stare at billboards go to New Jersey. There are many things that make Maine a wonderful place to live — one of them is an absence of ugly commercial crap shoved in our faces as we move about.

frank perkins

In the 34 years since we took down the billboards I have heard many people remark on how clean our roadsides are. I have never heard anyone say they wish we could have them back.


Just another step back in this pitiful, miserable waste of legislative time.

So far, we have legislators seriously considering this piece of junk, whether to get waitresses to pool their tips, trying to come to grips with having your auto lights on all day, dropping older workers and replacing them with child labor. A full plate.

You can’t read road signs and drive. Besides, they obstruct trees, deer, bear, lakes and mountains. Isn’t that what we want to be surrounded by, instead of gawky, horrible signs? Isn’t that the way life should be?


One question: is the return of billboards, coupled with the distracted driver law, a new way to generate funds for the state? If so, very clever.

Harry H Snyder III

The thought of billboards on I-95 brings shivers down my spine in horror! Why do we want to throw away the best thing we’ve got going? Our beautiful environment must not be sullied with ugliness. Our current signage is just fine, thank you. Leave it alone Mr. Keschl.


If you were British, would you pull the plug on the royals?

TV reporters trying to fill an enormous news hole as they stand in front of Buckingham Palace, awaiting the wedding, uncovered a gem. Prince Charles has 149 servants and 45 valets. One valet’s job is to squeeze the Prince’s toothpaste.

A bit of a pinch on the Brits, I’d say.


When you really stop to think about it, the royals in Britain are nothing more than mascots. They have no real power and specialize in opening up supermarkets and gas stations and representing Britain to other countries.


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