May 21, 2018
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Readers respond on Katahdin mills, birthers and sex offenders


Are the claims that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya valid?

No Republican in office really cares if Obama was born in the U.S. or not. It does wonders to just “go with the flow” and ride the wave of voter dissent for more votes, of course. Aside from that, if Obama was really born in Hawaii, why the army of lawyers shutting down any attempt to legally contest his presidency? It would cost far less to just let it go to trial and get it done and over with once and for all.

— Pat Riote

Probably in the same drawer as the proof that George Bush dodged military service.

— larryincamden

There is no reason to think that the “birthers” have any reason continue their insane tirade other than it is just the usual Republican attack machine politics. Like the “Swift Boat”attack on Kerry and the McCain “black daughter from wedlock” smear campaigns.

— kcjonez

Who really knows if Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya; although there must be some credibility to this story that he was. The CIA can do wonders with adjusting things if they want to, and maybe they did … and maybe they did not do anything here to cover this terrible mistake of installing a president to office. There are mysteries on a lot of presidents that allegedly were “covered,” so nothing would surprise me.

— The_Greek_SailorBC

In my opinion, the BDN ‘s posing this question is irresponsible. The role of the news media is to fact-check verifiable questions such as this one. It is idiotic to ask readers without investigative resources to make a determination. And we know, thanks to other news organizations, that this fact-checking has occurred, and that state authorities in Hawaii have repeatedly confirmed the president’s birth there. To suggest via this ClickBack question that any doubt remains on this matter is simply irresponsible.

— Stanwix

• • •

Are the Katahdin area mills now part of history?

I suspect the Millinocket mill would have to be torn down and totally rebuilt. I believe Gov. LePage is philosophically opposed to any state participation.

I seriously doubt that the towns of Millinocket and East Millinocket are in any position to tackle any such project. It’s over their heads. The workers are similarly totally unable to tackle a financial burden of that magnitude.

There is some future for paper mills in both towns, but they would probably be smaller and possibly make different grades than produced in the past. Lower volume — higher margins.

Problem is to find the money to get started. It would require a lot of it.

You’ll never see 4,600 workers there again, but you might see up to 1,500 between the two mills.

If those mills are not restarted, nothing is going to take their place. There’s no reason for anything else to go there.

— tom_robinson

For lack of a dollar, how can the state, the town and mill workers sulk over what might have been? Truly a defining moment in state history for LePage and his “Open For Business” credo.

— Tea42

• • •

Does the online sex offender registry work?

One-size-fits-all may be expedient, but it isn’t in touch with reality. There are serious predatory sex offenders in our society. We need to be protected as much as possible from them. There has yet to be shown a cure for these predators other than incarceration or death. There is no need to lump the teen who had consensual sex with his 15-year-old girlfriend in with these predators. The judges in our court system should be allowed to deem who is a predator and label them as such. They need to be registered and the public should be allowed to know where they are living.

— patom1

I agree this should be the judges call.

— HarryHSnyderIII

The problem with registries is that offenders are trusted to update their info if they move. A better solution would be to implant a microchip like they do with pets. If a sex crime occurs and the DNA is a match, the offender can be hunted down like the dirty dog he is. Period.

— 66readerwriter


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