May 25, 2018
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Unlock, unload on Sundays, readers say

Should Maine allow Sunday hunting?

I would like one day a week of quiet and not fearing for my safety, no matter how much blaze orange I wear, while I walk my own land and public road, adjacent to other lands where hunting occurs. One day. No to Sunday hunting.


Sunday should remain a day of rest. Out-of-state hunters use Sunday as a travel day, to or from their hunting trip to Maine. I highly doubt that if they were allowed to hunt on Sunday we would have thousands more hunters flocking here on the weekend.

Four or five days a month during the fall hunting season to be able to enjoy the woods is not asking too much.


All I ask is for one day out of the week when my family and I can walk with our dogs without fear of a stray bullet or arrow hitting a two-paw or a four-paw. We respect the rights of hunters, but we would also appreciate one day when we can leave our home and go outdoors without risking friendly fire.


There are only four days during the month of November when people may enjoy a lovely time of year in Maine without gunfire. Why on Earth would lawmakers even consider taking them away, for a rather vocal minority that already monopolizes our precious resource the other 26 days?


You will still be able to enjoy the woods if private property owners of 25 acres or more are allowed to hunt only on their own land on Sunday. It does not affect you whatsoever.

If you would refuse private property owners to do as they wish on the land that they pay taxes on, perhaps you should see how you like only having public property to recreate on, since you will no longer be allowed on many private parcels for the other 11 months of the year either.


If you don’t want people to hunt on your land, post it! I think that it is crazy not to allow hunting on Sundays.

I am still in high school, and I cannot hunt during the week. While you say that you want to be able to hike, I don’t see a problem with walking in public parks, etc. And these out-of-state hunters bring business to our stores, which could most definitely help the economy. Are you trying to get rid of business?


What will it take to revive papermaking in Millinocket?

Sadly, only a huge, unlikely reduction in energy prices and World Wide Web usage will put Maine back on the map as a major player in the papermaking industry.


Papermaking and the resources that support it are cheaper in South America, China and Africa. This is just the latest piece of the manufacturing industry our government in Washington has given away.

Now, Millinocket has the opportunity to be the gateway to what was once “the great north woods.” Ironically, as the paper companies sell off their land, even this will be less of a draw.

Cheap energy would help bring this region into a more hospitable business climate, but the best and cheapest source of electricity, hydro, is off the table.

Has anyone seen pictures of Brazil’s new mills and papermaking machinery? Every piece of papermaking infrastructure in Maine is, by comparison, antique.

Harry H Snyder III

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