June 22, 2018
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Who’s moving and improving in Week Seven?

Photo: Move and Improve | BDN
Photo: Move and Improve | BDN

Jeremy Bragg, 34, Newport

  1. What is your motivation to Move and Improve?

My motivation for move and improve is to get myself into pattern of exercising that is more ingrained into my daily routine. Prior to the past couple of months, my main source of exercise was playing basketball a couple of times a week year round and playing softball during the summer as well as coaching. I would also go through phases of doing push-ups and sit-ups, but in general I was relying on the sports activities. If work was particularly busy or I was having to travel then sometimes the only exercise I would be getting is any walking throughout the day as part of the job. And since much of my job as an engineer is planning and designing, I tend to be at a desk a lot. I knew that I was not getting enough exercise and it was showing on the basketball court as well as my weight creeping up a bit. So I am very happy now to be working out in some way on almost a daily basis and I hope to continue well after I am done with my current program and Move and Improve have ended. In addition to the exercise it also makes me pay more attention to what food and drinks I am having – so it is a win-win.

  1. What is your biggest obstacle to “Move and Improve”?

My biggest obstacle is that I have four kids and am quite involved with the community. It has been hard to find a good time of day to work out that doesn’t impact my family in a negative way. I have now found that if I get up earlier than anyone else, which is at 4 a.m.  — and even then my youngest son might be up that early — then I can get through my routine and still get ready for work on time. I am in a pretty good groove right now with exception of getting thrown off track by the vacation that my family took this past week. Another major obstacle is trying to change my diet when we have spent years figuring out what meals work best for the family!!

  1. What kind of activities do you engage in to reach your goal?

By coincidence, I made the leap to purchase and start the P90X home fitness program just after I signed up for Move and Improve. I had been considering it for sometime and suddenly my 15-year-old stepson was interested so I made the purchase right away. This program is a sixday a week program for 90 days that involves strength training for the major muscle groups, plyo-metrics, yoga and kenpo to balance off the cardio and agility elements. Additionally, I still try to play as much basketball as time — and my body — will allow.

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