May 28, 2018
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Readers agree with GOP senators on LePage


This week, ClickBack sought editorial page reader comments on the op-ed GOP senators wrote about Gov. Paul LePage’s tone and about the proposal to charge Bangor residents based on the amount of trash they discard.

Were GOP senators right in chastising Gov. LePage?

I voted for LePage, but expected a governor who would concentrate on solving state problems, as he promised, rather than seeking out what seem to be personal agendas. The mural has to go because of one letter he received? I don’t particularly like or dislike the mural and it doesn’t matter. The mural is benign and harmless. As a piece of art it is well done, whether it represents less or more than our governor desires.

The governor has to learn that he represents the entire state. When he shoots his mouth off, as he is prone to do, he embarrasses us all

The senators have taken a bold stand in chastising the governor and hopefully will prompt some improved behavior. A private business is one thing to manage, state government is quite another.


These RINO senators should listen to the advice the governor gave to the NAACP.


It was very wise of the “gang of eight” to distance themselves from the governor if they have any future political aspirations. The governor’s ongoing antagonism to the majority of Mainers that stand between him and his radical tea party agenda will likely make him the least popular governor in our history.


Thank you for sharing that thought from Margaret Chase Smith. It recalls an era when Republicans actually cared about people and not just furthering their own ambitions.

Gov. LePage has gone rogue and the collective voices of the people of Maine must rise up to drown him out. We must take our state back!


If these Republican senators want to get re-elected they had to separate themselves from the radical right Maine Heritage Policy Center and tea party, which seem to be the driving force behind Gov. LePage. They will be viewed as rats leaving a sinking ship by the above mentioned group, but hopefully their constituents will look upon them as independent thinkers.

Elections are a numbers game and I believe these senators know there are more people in this state that may have empathy for the people represented in the murals than the corporate backed MHPC and tea party.


The GOP senators would only have been correct in publishing the letter if they had talked to the governor and found him disinclined to acknowledge their complaint. Since it appears the governor did heed their complaints and pledged to stay focused on the issues, they should have backed off on publishing the letter.

As it stands, they didn’t distance themselves from any of LePage’s policies, but they did offer some pandering to LePage’s critics. Some might call it courage. I tend to think it was self-serving.


Should Bangor charge to dump trash?

I’m retired in Bangor after living in Massachusetts for 60 plus years. They started pay to throw in my town, Malden, two years ago, and it was not a problem. You buy a roll of bags for around $10, and that’s it. Everyone puts out the same colored bags on trash day, it looks nice and orderly.

My wife says it’s strange that Bangor does not charge for each bag. She calls it all-you-can throw, which is funny, but it’s really a tragedy.

Marv Brown

I like the free-market aspect of paying for the amount of trash you produce. It makes sense to me. You never hear anyone complain about pay-as-you-fill-up-your-own-car-with-gas or pay-as-you-run-your-air-conditioner, so what’s the problem with PAYT?

It’s probably just that old habits are hard to give up, but, come on, the system we have right now doesn’t make sense— it’s as silly as a flat common fee for gas or electricity or bananas.

D Henry

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