June 20, 2018
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Letters to the Editor March 17, 2011


Kill ‘right to work’

LD 788 and LD 309 would take bargaining rights away from unions. They are an attack on all workers, unionized or not. If these bills pass, they will affect the pay and benefits for all workers in Maine.

When Right to Work legislation passed in Oklahoma in 2001 there was a promise of new jobs and better wages. This did not happen and good paying jobs were actually lost. The fact is that Gov. LePage and his policies are out to bust unions.

This is an important issue for the working families of the state of Maine both Republicans and Democrats. Union and nonunion worker support is imperative to overturn these documents. Talk with your senators and representatives to help defeat these bills. Do not allow these documents to become law.

Roger Zelkan


Never again

If nothing else comes from the LePage administration other than a legislative act ensuring that never, ever again a governor will ride into office on the coattails of a minority vote, then when my day comes, whether sooner than later, I will rest in peace!

The word is going around that there is a nascent movement currently in the making whereby an individual elected by a minority vote (LePage) will be forced into a run-off contest with the individual who registered the next highest vote in the general election. If LePage had been legislatively forced into a runoff with Cutler, there is no doubt in my mind that Cutler, spared the loss of the split vote, would have prevailed and this state would have avoided being subjected to the shortfalls of four years of an obviously cognitively impaired governor.

Even when the cost of a run-off contest is factored into the mix, the probability of good governance is well worth the cost in comparison to the disaster that we are in for. A minority vote is just that, a minority vote, and should not usher in an individual whom the majority did not countenance.

Phil Tobin


Charlie Sheen ebbs

The only good thing about the recent  tsunami is that it washed Charlie Sheen’s face off of the television screen. One does not need to view actors, or anyone else for that matter, in distress. Television reporting would be better off promoting something useful.

C. Louis Bernardini


Pay it back

In his column, “The fallacy of lockbox trust fund” (BDN OpEd, March 11), Charles Krauthammer gives what I would assume to any card-carrying conservative, is a plausible explanation for our current fiscal problems. The “e” word (entitlements), namely Social Security, is what is dragging us down.

And he is correct. It is his reasoning that is wrong. Oddly enough, he has the right answer only he puts a conservative spin on it and makes the recipient the pariah.

He freely admits that Social Security is a payroll tax that workers pay into a fund that is immediately pilfered by the treasury. If I, or anyone else that I am aware of,  has a debt to a creditor and cannot pay that debt, said creditor will be knocking on the door demanding the money.

So as creditors to the treasury (after all, it is our money we are talking about), we should demand they pay back all that was borrowed with interest. However, as one big happy, patriotic family we should all do our part to solve the problem.

I did hear our governor, those good conservatives in Congress and their mega-rich allies say they will be the first to sacrifice for the common good. Didn’t I?

George Mitchell

Bar Harbor

When it’s bad, it’s horrid

Every time I read about energy production gone awry with nuclear power facility meltdowns, major oil spills and coal-mine catastrophes, I am reminded of a Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem from my childhood:

“There was a little girl,

Who had a little curl,

Right in the middle of her forehead.

When she was good,

She was very good indeed,

But when she was bad she was horrid.”

Carol Tiffin James


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