Milo residents adopt spending plan at annual town meeting

Posted March 15, 2011, at 9:27 p.m.

MILO, Maine — A  $2.8 million spending plan that includes county and proposed school costs was approved by about 60 Milo residents at Monday’s annual town meeting.

The spending plan is expected to offset by $2.8 million in revenues, which will result in a small increase over last year.

Residents approved the revised town charter. Only a couple of minor amendments were made over the years since the charter was adopted in 1976, so town officials felt the document needed to be updated.

Up to $150,000 was approved from surplus to help offset the tax commitment.

Officers elected included Wilma Stanchfield, selectman; Terri Zelkan, school board member; and Jensen Bissell and Jerry Brown, HAD 4 directors.