Dyer Brook, Stacyville area schools organize RSU 50

Posted March 11, 2011, at 7:43 p.m.

DYER BROOK, Maine — One month after finally approving a consolidation plan, officials in SAD 25 in Stacyville and Community School District 9 in Dyer Brook are taking steps to organize into what will be known as Regional School Unit 50.

SAD 25 consists of Stacyville, Patten, Sherman and Mount Chase. CSD 9 consists of Island Falls, Dyer Brook, Oakfield, Merrill, Smyrna and Crystal. Moro Plantation and Hersey also are joining with the two districts.

Terry Comeau, superintendent in CSD 9, said on Thursday that the two combined school boards met in a joint meeting earlier this week and elected Comeau and John A. Doe, the superintendent in SAD 25, as co-interim secretaries of the new RSU board.

As part of the process of forming RSU 50, both districts need to choose people to serve on the new RSU board. Comeau said that elections to select them will take place on May 12. Nomination forms can be picked up at each superintendent’s office. Forms must be returned by March 28.

The superintendent said that he and Doe will work together to get the board elected and organized.

The first meeting of the new RSU 50 board will be on or around May 18, according to Comeau.

Officials in the RSU are not sure how much money will be saved by consolidating.

Under the plan, there will be one superintendent for the new combined district. The new RSU board will set up the criteria to identify a superintendent for the combined school system.