June 25, 2018
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March 10 Letters to the Editor


Full Monty voting

Of course voters should have to show I.D. before they can vote. They should also have to take off their hats and shoes, be patted down and have a full body scan.

Also, no more booths — who knows that goes on in there?

James White


• • •

Assault on LePage tiresome

As usual, the BDN editorial staff is off the mark regarding Gov. LePage (“LePage, Lies and Newspapers,” editorial, March 8).

First of all, the BDN’s almost daily assault on LePage is getting tiresome. The editors quoting Thomas Jefferson is quite amusing. If Thomas Jefferson was around today he would be taking Paul LePage’s side without question. Thomas Jefferson would rail against a newspaper that greatly favors one political party over an other, and pushes its agenda while attempting to sway readers against conservative thinking.

Some of us Mainers like that fact that LePage shoots from the hip and says what he’s thinking (a very Maine-like trait), unlike liberals who have to screen and sanitize their language before feeding it to a teleprompter.

Until a real newspaper comes our way, it’s gay marriage, more entitlements and more environmental regulations, if the BDN has its say.

Jack Long


• • •

Unions must sacrifice

The unions would have you believe they are being treated unfairly. They have been treated unfairly by previous administrations that promised them benefits and then failed to provide the appropriate funding. The unions say we should tax the “fat-cat” rich to make up revenue.

Every time the government tries to soak the big corporations, it’s the little guy who gets wet. If Maine attempts to tax the rich, we will drive the wealth that creates jobs from the state. The little guys will lose more jobs.

I understand that state employees are not the rich “fat cats,” and I wish we could offer them all great pay, benefits and pensions as well. But we can’t. If Maine workers are going to see some tax relief, it will be through reforming the pension system.

The sacrifices being asked of the state employees union are no more austere than those being made daily by private-sector employees. The solidarity we should be experiencing right now is the joining of all workers and taxpayers in the state of Maine to support a common sense proposal such as Gov. LePage’s budget.

I wish I could go to Augusta to show my support in person. But I will be at work.

Wanda LaBrecque


• • •

Autism therapy works

I’m writing in response to the BDN’s March 5-6 article about autism coverage. I applaud the states that cover services for children with autism. Early intervention is key to their success. However, I had to read one part of the article three times: “Some insurers consider ABA experimental or not medically necessary.”

Wake up, insurance companies. Experimental? Applied Behavioral Analysis has been around since the 1970s, thanks to the work of O. Ivar Lovaas, and is scientifically proven to help children with autism make gains.

Our family committed to ABA in 1998 when our son was diagnosed with autism. ABA taught us how to teach him by breaking down every task in his life into small increments. ABA teaches children with autism how to learn.

When we started ABA with our son, he was speaking in single words, didn’t know how to play with simple toys, had no idea how to socially interact with others and had no self-help skills. Within months of starting his programming, he was speaking in sentences, dressing himself and interacting more with those around him.

Thirteen years later, he is an intelligent, articulate and engaging teen. There are many claims of cures, all with only anecdotal evidence of success. Applied Behavioral Analysis has been scientifically proven to work. Consistency is key. To be effective, its principles have to be carried out across all settings. Being committed to ABA hasn’t been easy; nothing great ever is. Our reward is our mature, independent son who makes us laugh every day.

Lisa Vaillancourt

Van Buren

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