June 22, 2018
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March 5-6 Letters to the Editor


Birther movement comes to Maine

Did you know that Maine is among 11 states proposing legislation that seems to question President Barack Obama’s citizenship (LD 34, submitted by Rep. Richard Cebra, would require proof of citizenship)? Yes, even though Hawaii officials have repeatedly confirmed Obama’s citizenship, his birth certificate has been made public and courts have rebuffed challenges, the so-called “birther” issue has not gone away.

Despite the fact that candidate Barack Obama was transparent and put his certificate with other information on his website during the 2008 presidential campaign for everyone to see, people are still questioning his place of birth. Lately, Georgia Rep. Mark Hatfield, a Republican, said he still doesn’t know if Obama is eligible to serve as president, and 92 of his GOP colleagues and one Democrat support the bill that was introduced Monday.

This is unlike our great state of Maine and does not represent Mainers. Why is Maine, with its deficit and the imminent impending cuts to important programs, spending money to join such a lawsuit? Why is Maine spending $400,000 to oppose health care reform that is already helping others and creating jobs?

The 2012 elections will be coming around soon. Is the opposition to health care reform and the re-appearance of the birther movement because our president is an African-American? It’s time for this nonsense to come to a screeching halt and for people to respect President Obama as president of the United States of America!

Anne Borreggine


• • •

LePage is Obama’s BFF

The March 1 BDN had a truly amazing photo on page 2: I count 28 people in the State Dining Room of the White House, in a bipartisan meeting of state governors, all paying rapt attention as President Obama speaks. Except one man. In the foreground, only one man is not even facing the president. Who was that one soul, busily typing away at an electronic device while everyone else is craning their necks to get a better view of the president? You guessed it, none other than our own Gov. Paul LePage.

Now before someone points out that the photo could have been snapped during the one second Mr. LePage looked away, I would counter that there is no time during the president’s speech where it would be OK, for even one second, to text someone, surf the net or look up a file. Mr. LePage is a very successful and crafty politician, and this little political theater was very likely performed intently for his core constituents, as a way of fulfilling a promise he made back while campaigning this fall.

As Mainers will remember, Mr. LePage promised to tell President Obama “to go to hell” (BDN, Sept 29). “As your governor, you’re going to be seeing a lot of me on the front page, saying ‘Governor LePage tells Obama to go to hell,’” LePage said.

Of course, there could be another reasonable explanation: Gov. LePage might have been checking Facebook to see if President Obama had accepted his “friend invite.”

John Picone


• • •

Greed attacks

I am really confused as to why nothing is being done about the rising fuel costs. Not only gasoline, but diesel to deliver goods and fuel oil to heat our homes. The media is more concerned with Charlie Sheen than these price increases!

This is going to cripple our economy again. Haven’t we learned anything? These “futures spectulators” should be shut down and we should be going by supply and demand like we did before. We don’t even get oil from Libya and the prices went up over 10 cents in a day, blamed on the unrest there. Why is our government letting this happen?

Are we bailing out BP with their oil spill? Does big oil have that much control over our country?

I fought for this country in Vietnam and I am ashamed of the greed that I fought for. We are fighting a war in our own country now — a war of greed. Something has to be done or this economy will not survive another fall.

Alan Higgins


• • •

Regional school better idea

In the BDN’s Feb. 22 edition, Veazie resident and RSU 26 Board member Julia Emily Hathaway wrote that Orono voters should re-elect Geoff Wingard. That a Veazie resident would advise Orono voters is certainly presumptive. We do not agree with Hathaway’s advice.

Orono High School’s enrollment problems would be eased if Glenburn and Veazie, the other two towns in RSU 26, would provide mutual support by sending more students to OHS.  Instead, the RSU 26 board decided to recruit foreign tuition students. While a large influx of Chinese and other foreign students may provide a short term financial solution for budget woes, such a solution comes with serious socialization and academic challenges for OHS faculty and students.

A better long term solution to the problems of enrollment and an aging building would be a new regional high school. At the request of constituents, Orono board member Frances Neubauer recently moved to discuss a feasibility study for a regional high school. Amazingly, her motion failed for the lack of a second.

In her letter, Veazie resident Hathaway self-servingly proclaimed that, “Dissent is not crushed, and we listen to the people we represent.” However, neither Hathaway nor Wingard would consider discussing the possibility of a regional high school.

Because she is the only candidate with a vision for Orono schools, we are voting for Lisa Buck for the school board and urge our fellow citizens to do the same.

Ted Curtis

Dana C. Devoe

Faye Woodcock-Murray

and three others


• • •

Beyond work

A state consists of more than just workers. The people are more than those who work. Those who lead the state are to listen to those who live in the state.

Private property should be protected, but so should private citizens be protected.

Old age happens to everyone who lives long enough. Health care is needed by everyone sometime. And to reach old age good health care is practically mandatory.

Healthy citizens make for a strong state.

Educated citizens make a strong state.

If all people do is work in order to have the basics of life (or maybe not even the basics), there will be none of the finer things of life, only work.

Work is not freedom. Freedom is freedom. Time is not money. Time is time. We are not on earth to work. We are on earth to live. Living is not just working.

Cheryl Lovely

Presque Isle

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