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March 4, 2011 Letters to the Editor


Pleased with LePage

I would like to say that I support Gov. LePage and all that he is trying to accomplish!  We knew that it would not be an easy task and not everyone can be happy if he is to accomplish what Maine so desperately needs. We need to keep our spending under control.

He is doing exactly what he said he would do when he was on the campaign trail. It is refreshing and restores my faith in our state government that we could actually elect a person that would do that.

I, for one, am tired of the polished politician that is politically correct, says everything we want to hear until they are elected and then does exactly as they please regardless of what we the people want.

We needed more than that for our state of Maine and we have it!

Diane Caffyn


• • •

NPR spins left

I write regarding the BDN’s recent wrongheaded editorial “Public Lambasting” (Feb. 25), which assails those insufficiently appreciative of the wonders of public broadcasting.

There is something particularly disreputable about an organization that is taxpayer-funded, but which routinely takes the side of the “sophisticated” Left on issue after issue after issue. Fox News insists on regular contributions from the Left (including NPR Reporters) in the name of at least soliciting commentary on both sides of a debate. Where, by contrast, are the free-market thinkers on NPR, particularly among those who decide what is worthy of being reported there?

Any informed person tuning into NPR will quickly discover that, despite its oh-so-suave objective-sounding news readers, the actual “news” presented there routinely leaves out essential facts of controversial stories — facts  that, if reported, would give the listener a very different view of events. (Exhibit A is NPR’s studiously slanted coverage of environmental matters).

Spinning-by-omission is merely a subtler form of misrepresentation. Objective media-watch studies of NPR routinely identify the bias in their reports.

NPR and PBS, despite their many (ostensibly) neutral-content shows — some of which are anything but neutral — routinely “spin” Left. Better such political advocacy be done in the private sector. It is obscene to force any American to help pay, through involuntary taxpayer donations, for the routine broadcasting of ideas and opinions that he or she does not share. It should end, and the sooner the better.

Michael R. Montgomery


• • •

Maine’s hard turn to right

After less than two months, the LePage administration is proving to be the disaster that many of the 61 percent of us who did not vote for the governor feared it might be.

Maine’s government has gone from one that cares to one that couldn’t care less. Concern for the rule of law, the administrative and legislative processes and the people’s right to be heard have been replaced with a callous disregard for anyone or anything that stands in the way.

The public good has taken a back seat to special interest. The sham public hearing on LD 1 was a blatant example of either incompetence or total disregard for the people and the process. Prior to the hearing, no one but the governor’s insiders had copies of the proposed bill upon which to base testimony. The “Phase I of Governor’s Regulatory Reform Proposals,” most of which had no basis in reality, came not from comments gathered during private meetings, but from a lobbyist.

For the next two years, Mainers can expect those who are regulated to be given the power to re-write or eliminate many of those laws or regulations they disagree with.

The good news is that 2012 is not far off and pendulums generally swing just as far in the opposite direction. Republicans know that they have to do as much damage as they can as quickly as they can because it’ll probably be decades before they’re again given the keys to the asylum.

John Glowa Sr.

South China

• • •

Buck for Orono board

Lisa Buck has my vote for RSU 26 Board in Orono March 8.  On the school committee and the regional planning committee during consolidation, Lisa worked tirelessly in planning the new RSU. She is the mother of two OHS students: one graduated in 2009 and the other is a sophomore. Lisa taught high school biology and teaches at Tufts  and UNE medical schools.

Lisa  believes the RSU 26 board must take a broader view for  our children’s sake. Recently, the RSU agreed to collaborate with Old Town on adult education, saving money and broadening opportunities for adult learners.

Lisa believes the board must consider high school options also. The state projects enrollment in Penobscot County will decline 10 percent by 2014. Our current RSU — Orono, Glenburn, Veazie — has not produced the enrollment essential for the world-class high school our citizens demand.

OHS principal Jim Chasse is  bringing students from China and Europe, but this may be a temporary “fix”; the board should investigate, and be open to, other options. Orono needs more young families, and excellent schools will attract them. Lisa  believes the board should consider a feasibility study for a regional high school, collaborating with UMaine and offering “early college” to students.

RSU 26 is at a crossroads: Will we be a K-12 RSU or just a collection of districts (with school choice)?  Lisa Buck has the experience and expertise to confront this challenge.  Please vote March 8 for Lisa Buck.

Mary Cathcart


• • •

Embarrassed Hampden resident

I am embarrassed today to be a resident of Hampden. The behavior of those residents attending yesterday’s special meeting regarding the comprehensive plan is ridiculous. I have to imagine that nearly none of those at the meeting have actually read the comprehensive plan.

I like to think of Hampden as a dignified place to live. Shouting down members of the council, who have dedicated their own time to serve the town, is childish. I hope to never read another article about such absurd behavior again.

None of these people took the time to get involved in the comprehensive plan process or make their concerns known during that process, which was well-publicized. It appears to me that they have little understanding of what is in the document, and do not understand its purpose or the fact that it is not legally binding in any way.

It’s sad, and I hope that the reasonable residents of Hampden will speak up so that we do not see such a spectacle again. If you have a grievance, please get involved in a respectful and productive way.

Jason Richard


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