Sen. Brown visiting Mass. fishing ports; Snowe to co-sponsor bill

The Associated Press
Posted Feb. 13, 2011, at 12:21 p.m.

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. — U.S. Sen. Scott Brown has met with Massachusetts fishermen at the state’s top ports this weekend.

The Republican visited the New Bedford waterfront on Saturday then arrived in Gloucester later in the morning. He met with fishermen, local officials and representatives of businesses involved in the fishing industry.

Brown recently proposed legislation calling for annual, independent assessments of the impact of federal catch limits on fishermen. Some fishermen have complained that catch limits are so low, they can’t make a living.

Brown said federal regulators won’t acknowledge the rules are strangling the industry. But he said they’d be required to act on any problems found in his proposed assessments.

On Tuesday, Maine Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe agreed to co-sponsor Brown’s bill. printed on July 31, 2015