May 21, 2018
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Can you pass this officials’ test?

By Bob Cimbollek, Special to the BDN

My recent column on basketball rules received a good response even though only eight rules were covered. So, with another tourney looming, here are some more rules that coaches, players, and fans should know.
 It’s a chance to test how well you know the rules. Take a few minutes and answer either yes or no to the following questions and you may determine whether you could be officiating at one of the games.
 1. Player A1 receives a pass in the free throw lane in the low post area with his back to the basket, turns and pivots and takes two dribbles before he shoots. The official rules three seconds. Correct?
 2. Team A has three subs enter the court and their team captain asks for a lineup. Official denies request. Correct?
 3. Player A2 jumps out of bounds in his frontcourt on the endline and taps the ball into his frontcourt, then steps in bounds and picks the ball up without any other player touching the ball. Official rules violation. Correct?
 4. Player A2 passes the ball in from the midcourt division line, it goes inbounds and touches no player. A2 runs onto the court and picks up the ball. Official rules violation. Correct?
 5. Player A5, while dribbling the ball, has it bounce way over his head. He bats the ball back down to the floor and continues to dribble. Official makes no call. Correct?
 6. Player B1 while holding the ball, fumbles the ball, retrieves it, dribbles the ball, fumbles it and then picks up the fumble. Official rules this a double dribble. Correct?
 7. Player A1 bats a loose ball and falls to floor and then gains possession of the ball and slides on his/her back all the time holding the ball. Official rules this a legal play. Correct?
 8. Player A2 is holding the ball, fumbles it while falling to the floor. Official rules this a violation. Correct?
 9. Defender D1 fakes being fouled when an offensive player charges into him and makes very little contact. Official rules this a technical foul. Correct?

 10. Player D1 is rebounding and is called for an over the back foul. Correct?
 11. Dribbler fumbles the ball then picks it up and dribbles again. Official rules this a double dribble. Correct?
 12. Player B1 sets a rear screen just short of contact on offensive player A2. A2 turns and charges into B1. Official calls a team control charge on A2. Correct?
 13. Player with the ball takes two steps while in control of the ball and not dribbling. Official rules this a legal play. Correct?
 14. Coach of team A receives a direct technical foul for unsportsmanlike behavior. Official rules that the coach loses the right to stand in the coaching box. The next time up the court the coach is standing in the coaches box. The official calls a technical foul on the coach and he is ejected. Correct?
 15. For the coach in question 14, the athletic director decides the coach won’t do the next scheduled game. Correct?

 Answers: 1. No; 2. No; 3. No; 4. Yes; 5. Yes; 6. No; 7. Yes; 8. No; 9. Yes; 10. No; 11. Yes; 12. No; 13. No; 14. Yes; 15. No.

 Each question is worth 6.6 points and you need to get a score of 80 to pass an officials test or no more than three wrong.

Bob Cimbollek is a retired high school basketball coach and is a basketball official.

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