Aging in Maine

Telecare seeks volunteer callers

Posted Feb. 07, 2011, at 4:24 p.m.

Bangor — Making a difference in someone’s life can be as easy as

picking up the phone. For more than thirty years, Telecare, a program of

Rosscare, has been providing warm, friendly, daily check-in calls, free

of charge, to seniors in the greater Bangor area.

The program is currently looking for volunteers, as well as seniors

living alone who would like to participate in the program. Telecare is

managed by a group of trained volunteers who dedicate their time

providing check-in calls to more than 100 people who live alone in the

Bangor region.

Cindy Smith, Telecare manager, explains how this program is especially

important during the colder months. “The Telecare program not only

offers a safety benefit of a daily well check, it also is a social

contact for participants. Especially during the winter months, many

seniors’ fear of falling keeps them inside and isolated from the

community. Both volunteers and participants enjoy beginning each morning

with a warm hello.”

Bill Donavan, Telecare volunteer, feels he gets just as much in return

as he gives through the program. “Volunteering for Rosscare’s Telecare

program lifts my spirits and brings joy into my heart. It is my

opportunity to give back to those who gave before me,” says Bill.

The Telecare office is located at the EMMC Healthcare Mall on Union Street. Volunteers arrive at the Rosscare office and begin the program at 8 am and finish around 9:30 am.

Donations from the community are encouraged to help defray the cost of the

program. To learn more about volunteer opportunities through Telecare,

to participate in the program, or donate call Cindy Smith at