May 25, 2018
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Jan. 28 Letters to the Editor


Blueberries so Maine

Arriving at the Whoopie Pie as a Maine state anything is a poor choice. It’s basically an unhealthful “comfort” food. I offer that all concerned should instead consider the humble Maine blueberry. Rich traditions, with many generations of benefits to Maine, come from this wonderful crop.
How many families have enjoyed going out to handpick blueberries? What joyful times for so many kids, eating as many as they pick, and getting mouths so blue. How beautiful is a basket of fresh-picked blueberries coming home to a happy kitchen ?
Whether picked yourself or bought from a roadside stand, blueberries are everywhere in Maine. Blueberry pies, muffins, jam, jellies and blueberry cobbler are so “Maine” in character.
The blueberry is a personal touch of Maine to vacationers. As a business for a lot of hardworking people, blueberries provide employment and income revenue for Maine.
The beauty of berries growing thick on wild plants is Maine at its finest. There is more to say about blueberries, but back to the Whoopie Pie. I know it’s popular here, but it’s popular everywhere else, too. How do Maine families or summer visitors have a tradition relating to a Whoopie Pie?  Is that history  written in a volume titled “Once, When I was Thin”?
Consider the contribution that consumption of foods heavy with sugar and calories  makes to one of Maine’s worst health problems today, obesity. Hey, the humble blueberry is looking really good compared with that.
Keith R. Heavrin Jr.

Gun sense

While the shooting in Arizona is a terrible tragedy, reactionary laws, misinformed journalism and a very biased agenda pushing against firearms is the wrong avenue to take.
Trying to legislate against violence and murder through the tools used will only result in different tools being acquired and used. Russia has a very wide-sweeping ban on firearms; however the murder rate is five times that of the United States. England is similar with its firearms ban, yet has an astronomical amount of stabbings. In fact, purchasing basic steak knives requires an ID check and to be at least 18 years of age.
Limiting the magazine capacity to only 10 rounds would be equally pointless due to the most important puzzle piece: Criminals do not obey the laws. Rather than further restrict an already very-well-regulated hobby and something many Americans enjoy on a daily basis for the sake of feel-good legislation, we should enforce what we have on the books.
Punishing honest, law-abiding citizens because of irrational fear is a shame and against the very ideals this country is based on.
Dan Lemik

Fountain tragedy

If you haven’t heard, seen the video clip or read about the woman who, while texting, walked and fell into a fountain, you haven’t heard about the latest victim.
Cathy Cruz Marrero is so mortified and humiliated that she just had to grant an interview to a reporter at the local newspaper and have her picture taken. If she hadn’t come forward, nobody would have even known her name. In fact, Cathy is so shaken that she has recruited an attorney, James M. Polyak, to “conduct an investigation into what happened.”
Let me save you some lawyer fees, Ms. Marrero. Here’s what happened: You were not paying attention. I’m  just glad you found the fountain before you found your way into the parking lot and into your car. With both  thumbs clicking away, you might have run over somebody.
I am sick of “stupid” being a lottery jackpot. You are not a victim. Any lawsuit in this case would be frivolous.
Terry Shortt

Liquid petroleum

Recently, DCP Midstream, an American-owned company, had the opportunity to hold community meeting for Searsport residents regarding a proposed marine propane terminal that it is evaluating in the industrial area of Mack Point.
As part of the proposal, a 137-foot storage tank and truck rack would be envisioned. In our height simulations, the tank can be viewed only partially above the tree horizon from both the road and from the bay.
We appreciate that this is an important consideration for residents.
This proposed LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas, terminal would benefit Maine and the Northeast in assuring adequate access for propane supplies in an area that is becoming increasingly challenged logistically for incoming supplies.
LPG terminals differ from LNG (liquefied natural gas) facilities in that LPG facilities store propane or butane rather than natural gas and are constructed specifically for that purpose. LPG is safe for transportation and for storing in a concentrated form, and LPG gas is a cost-effective energy source.
DCP Midstream, known as Gas Supply Resources in the Northeast, operates eight wholesale propane facilities in the U.S. Its propane operations have received numerous industry safety awards, and its employees have earned the company’s top honors for employee safety.
We welcome the community’s questions, so it may better understand this potential initiative if it proceeds to next stages. It is our practice to regularly communicate our progress with town officials and local communities where we are evaluating potential projects.
Jeff Hurteau
asset director, Northeast Propane Operations,
DCP Midstream

New state motto

Since reading that Paul LePage had declared that he would tell the president of the United States to go to hell over fishing regulations in which no doubt the president was personally deeply involved in making, I knew I could count on him.
Now he has gifted us with a new state motto: Kiss My Butt. It would take up a lot less space on the license plates than all that Maine: The-Way-Life-Should-Be  claptrap. What business has the state got in telling us that life in Maine should be anything but The Heck With You, Buddy. I Got Mine. A nice alternative license plate, too.
The governor speaks of representing the whole state of Maine, except for the special interest groups, which do not include special interest groups such as Republicans, or businesspeople or Caucasians. I, myself, belong to more special interest groups than I can remember, including the business folk, the farmers and the job-creating plutocrats. Like most special-interest groupers, I am also a taxpayer.
I bet there are some other special interest group folks who pay taxes, too. Maybe some Democrats, some independents or some members of the NAACP.
Certainly some voting, taxpaying grannies who will just have to give up on expecting grown-ups in high elected positions not to tell anyone to “kiss my butt” and accept the new reality of civic discourse: truculent, crude, overbearing and, oh, rude. Can’t wait to get my new license plate.
Tabitha King

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