May 27, 2018
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Jan. 5 Letters to the Editor

Saving or selling Maine?

The dictionary definition of a hypocrite is a person who professes certain ideals but fails to live up to them. After reading Matt Dunlap’s latest column in the Northwoods Sporting Journal, I can’t help but wonder: Is he a hypocrite?

Dunlap serves on the board of the once-respected Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine. SAM sold out the people it claims to represent by allowing First Wind LLC, the company that is destroying the Maine woods, to grease SAM’s skids with cash and become a corporate sponsor.

So now Dunlap sings the praise of yet another grand sportsman’s organization, the Maine Outdoor Federation, whose mission statement is “to work together to preserve our natural resources,” an organization “able to respond, if needed, in the event of a crisis.”

Hey, Matt! The most pristine, most remote areas of Maine are being clear-cut, blasted and defoliated to make way for 40-story monstrosities that will turn our rural horizon into an industrial landscape! Just what type of crisis are you and SAM waiting for? And Dunlap represents SAM on the Keeping Maine’s Forests committee? I might find it amusing if it was not so terribly sad.

Jack Gagnon



Fishy laws

I have no trouble with game wardens enforcing the law to protect fish, game and people. I do have trouble with laws that don’t help protect fish and game.

For example, the law regulating the daily bag limit on trout — two fish, minimum length limit 12 inches, only one may exceed 14 inches. How many released fish don’t survive before you catch one that fits in between 12 inches and 14 inches?

The 2010-12 fishing law book is 100 pages. All fishing waters should have some law. Brook trout: five fish, six inches and longer. Togue: two fish, 18 inches and longer. Salmon: two fish, 14 inches and longer, and so on.

You step on a bridge to fish with your kids. On one side is two fish, 12 inches minimum length with only one longer than 14 inches, artificial lures only. The other side of the bridge is six inches and up, five fish limit and anything goes.

They don’t think fish swim from one side of the bridge to the other?

Boyd Tibbetts

Maine Master Guide



Give LePage a chance

Maine leads the nation in painkiller addiction. Maine is a highly taxed state, residents have fallen behind on mortgage payments, we have lost manufacturers, and last but not least, Maine is one of the most welfare-dependent states in the nation.

Maine is also the fastest-aging state in the nation, made up of strong-willed people who independently struggled during the Great Depression, working hard to make ends meet.

So while the BDN gives Baldacci rave reviews for his eight years in office, I challenge the newspaper to give Gov. LePage more than eight days before it starts with the liberal mudslinging and allows him to bring Maine’s independence, pride and life back to the people of Maine.

We owe this to the Greatest Generation. There may not be another.

Ray Bryant



Utility hijacking

Last week, Bangor Hydro-Electric customers were notified by mail of a Dec. 7 filing with the Maine Public Utilities Commission for an increase in the “stranded cost rate.” This came in a one-sided, tri-folded, white piece of paper with a standard U.S. postage paid permit. There is no stamp indicating the mail date and nothing indicating it was mailed by Bangor Hydro.

Bangor Hydro is requesting cost rates be increased for “all core customer classes … effective March 1, 2011 through Feb. 28, 2014, resulting in a 41.21 percent increase in stranded cost rates, corresponding to approximately a 4.6 percent increase in overall delivery rates … for all of BHE’s core customers.”

It states people can contact the PUC if they wish to hold public hearings or to petition this action. It provides no date by which people must do this. It implies there is a deadline.

If BHE didn’t want anyone to object or know what they were up to, they couldn’t have done a better job. People need to write the PUC and their elected representatives and object.

Maine’s electricity costs are already reputed to be some of the highest in the country. How can Maine attract new businesses with increasing costs?

We need the business tax base to grow to take the burden off property owners.

We have retired people living on fixed incomes. Yet, we have increasing costs for heating oil, gasoline, food and property taxes. BHE’s rates are already outrageous.

The governor, Legislature and PUC must take steps to put an end to this type of utility hijacking.

Ms. Rusty Gagnon



Military backlash

On Jan. 3, I wrote a letter to the editor that I did not send in because my prediction has already come true. I predicted that the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” was going to cause moral problems for the military because of the politically correct nonsense that would follow. This will be far worse than the racial problems in the late ’60s and early ’70s and the gender issues of the late ’70s in the military.

It seems we have the answer already — a good fighter pilot and aircraft commander is being hounded already, and for something that happened four years ago.

If someone wants to join any group that has historically been predominantly the realm of someone different from themselves, they must be willing to put up with the hostility, overt or not.

Larry Marshall



Oil for wheat

There is a simple solution to deal with the price of oil and gas going up. The countries in the Middle East that are trying to hold the U.S. hostage by dictating oil prices should be told that if they charge the U.S. $100 or more per barrel then they will be paying $100 per bushel for the wheat they use to live.

And if they don’t want to do that, they can eat their oil. It would end the price gouging real quick.

The most powerful nation on earth is being taken to the cleaners by a bunch of greedy Middle Easterners. It shouldn’t be allowed to continue.

Randy Elliott



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