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Posted Jan. 03, 2011, at 11:21 a.m.

It’s been two months since the remains of an unidentified male were found in the Stacyville woods. Do police have any more leads about the identity of the body found with a hat with “Chris” stitched on it? Reporter: Jen Lynds

Several citizens in Newburgh are gathering petition signatures that they intend to present to a judge later this month during the indictment proceedings of a former town official accused of embezzling public funds. They don’t want the woman accused of stealing $200,000 from the town to get off easy. The group is also sponsoring an online version of their petition because they say municipal embezzlement is a statewide issue. Is it? Reporter: Chris Cousins

In our Lifestyle section, we’ll preview the Bangor Ballet’s upcoming performance at the University of Maine-Machias, which will feature a piece called “New York Concerto” by Ivy Forrest. We also focus on the five young Bangor dancers chosen for prestigious dance programs around the country. Reporter: Emily Burnham

Our Sports team will cover high school boys and girls basketball contests and schoolboy hockey as well.

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