June 23, 2018
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Dec. 25 Letters to the Editor


The U.S. Senate has been given the task of voting on the New START treaty, our pact with Russia to reduce and inspect each other’s nuclear weapons. Republicans are determined to obstruct by filibuster this important treaty. All former secretaries of state and our generals are urging the Senate to pass the treaty.

Most Republicans say it will take months to debate before they can vote on this. This is not my grandmother’s Republican Party — where there was cooperation between the two parties to do what was best for our country. This new class of Republican senators has only one goal: to make President Obama fail. The media should report every day which senators are blocking important bills from coming to the floor of the Senate and inform the public on every vote taken.

I urge everyone to watch the Senate on CSPAN2. Watch the Republicans obstruct, delay and filibuster everything. There are a rare few Republicans who say they are supporting this START treaty — Sens. Lugar of Indiana, Voinovitch of Ohio, Brown of Massachusetts, Graham of South Carolina and our two Maine senators.

But when the final vote comes, let’s see where they really stand.

We have the best government the lobbyists can buy for Wall Street and the big corporations. They bought lower estate taxes and tax breaks for the richest Americans. The Democrats have the majority in the Senate, but the minority rules. Instead of 51 votes being the majority in the Senate, the new majority is 60 votes, and some votes require 67 votes. Only in America!

Joan Eustis



Hunting solution

Tax revenue and deer hunting are hurting in our state. The law requiring nonresidents to pay a guide while hunting in Maine has to be repealed. Fewer hunters are coming to our state. And coyotes are killing everything in the woods. A simple solution to the problem of having no game in the woods that would boost tax revenues and help businesses is possible.

Our new Legislature and governor have to begin helping everyone in our state by putting a $500 bounty on coyotes. That is not too much money, and it will solve a lot of problems. If 1,000 coyotes are tagged the first year, that is half a million dollars. This will generate millions of dollars for the state and all the people in the state. You can see that this is peanuts compared to what the people will spend just to do this.

Sunday hunting and night hunting of coyotes also should be allowed. We have to do everything we can to get rid of these coyotes. Contact your legislators and tell them to act.

Roland A. Fraser



LePage’s top priority

Gov.-elect LePage recently was asked by a reporter if salaries available for state commissioners were limiting his ability to hire top-flight executives to help run the departments of state government. While the answer was yes, Maine’s incoming governor sees commissioner salaries as a very small concern when compared to overall income levels for Mainers.

Gov.-elect LePage is focused on creating a climate in which Maine’s private sector can create high-paying jobs for working Maine families. He talks constantly about how wrong it is that Mainers make substantially less than the national per capita average. He also talks about our underemployment problem and how working parents have to hold down two or three jobs because one just is not enough.

We need great commissioners, and that is part of the process. But the goal is great jobs for working Maine families. It is the top priority of the LePage administration, and we are going to get there.

Dan Demeritt

communications director

Gov.-elect Paul LePage

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