May 24, 2018
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Dec. 20 Letters to the Editor

Debt owed?

The story published Dec. 8 in the Bangor Daily News, “LePage, Milo officials discuss private prison” noted that the governor-elect has committed to help the Corrections Corporation of America build a private prison in Milo. It neglected, however, to note that Mr. LePage owes a political debt to CCA: the Tennessee-based firm backed LePage’s candidacy to the tune of $25,000.

CCA was one of 50 out-of-state corporations that gave generously to the Republican Governors Association’s Maine PAC, which spent more than $700,000 on ads supporting LePage or attacking his opponents. Other contributors included defense contractors, pharmaceutical makers, an offshore oil services firm and companies that offer to privatize state social services and the creation of charter school curricula.

It would benefit public discourse if your reporters paid closer attention to these sorts of relationships going forward.

Colin Woodard



Watch out, Snowe

There has been much speculation about the tea party here in Maine floating a mystery challenger to run in opposition to Sen. Snowe in 2012. Some of the speculation has surrounded people such as Andrew Ian Dodge, tea party coordinator, and Scott D’Amboise.

A mystery candidate will be emerging, and it will not be anyone who has been discussed in the media. It will be someone educated, with character and with a direct connection to many Mainers. Though the person is an unknown, I would expect strong grass-roots support will gather quickly and carry on through the election cycle.

There are many exciting things going on in the tea party right now, and I believe there will be a sea change during 2011 and 2012.

Bob Cox



DADT capitulation

I am totally ashamed of our two Maine senators for even contemplating to vote for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” They are being lobbied by a very wealthy 1 percent of Americans from whom they receive money for their own political achievement — simply go to their donation site on the Web, and you can find out how these two ladies are persuaded by everything that is anti-traditional family, etc.

They will be joined by Lisa Murkowski, Richard Lugar and Scott Brown in voting against our military men and women who are sacrificing their family time and their lives for keeping our country safe.

Too many Republicans are WIMPS — translated to say they have been Wallowing In the Majority Pigsty since 2006, and they are continuing to do so when they should be standing up for what is right for the majority of Americans opposed to this repeal.

Sharon I. Rideout



Respect meant

Once again we read about how the native Indians of Maine are upset over the use of Indian names and words for school mascots and how they are trying to introduce a law to bar the use of names and words that have anything to do with American Indians.

I have respect for the American Indians. The problem I have is that these names have been used for years. Do you really think these names and words are used to disgrace school mascots, mountains, or whatever the words are used for? Of course not. I can’t imagine that when the schools chose the mascot names or when mountains were named years ago that the people who chose them were thinking that they were going to offend anyone and would want to disgrace their school.

So let the words and names be continued to be used as a sign of respect. Let the Native Americans be proud that these words or names are being used to remember them and honor the American Indian, not to disgrace them. Native or immigrants, we are all Americans!

Duane Jewell



Vinalhaven pioneer

It is saddening to hear of the unhappiness on Vinalhaven caused by the issue of noise from their newly installed windmills and the story’s handling in the media.

What this shows to the rest of us is that this new technology is still very controversial and still has some “issues” about it to be worked out. With that in mind, it would seem helpful if all the issues could be worked out sooner rather than later, for it seems that windmill use will only be growing in more and more places.

Thanks to our learning about Vinalhaven’s experience, maybe the rest of us will be spared the same.

We wish you all a satisfactory resolution to your windmill problem(s) and a most pleasant, peaceful existence forever after. You are pioneers in the new age — and we wish you the best.

Cheryl Lovely

Presque Isle


Nobel the monster

I must vigorously protest against the Nobel Prize Foundation and especially the idea of naming a prize for peace after Alfred Nobel.

Alfred Bernhard Nobel can arguably be described as the most horrific monster the human race has ever produced. As the inventor of nitroglycerin and nitrocellulose, the father of high explosives and smokeless powder, he was the enabler that made it possible for Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot to massacre untold millions as well as literally billions of other violent deaths and maiming.

The name Nobel should be held in the deepest disgrace, and the profits of his crimes should be distributed to his victims.

Tony Hammond



Misplaced sympathy

I was rather amazed and upset after reading David Broder’s OpEd (BDN, Dec. 6) when he said it made him weep to see Rep. Charles Rangle and Dan Rostenkowski censured by the House of Representatives.

Why would anyone feel sorry to see two crooks caught and censured by their colleagues? I feel sorry that these men didn’t get caught earlier and weren’t put in jail for their crimes. Perhaps Mr. Broder has been around Washington too long (like many politicians) if he thinks that the actions of these two convicted politicians is the proper way to do business in Washington or anywhere else. If we got rid of more of these types, perhaps Washington politics would be better.

Merle Cousins

Southwest Harbor


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