May 23, 2018
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Nov. 18 Letters to the Editor

Dems fail to explain

The trifecta has happened — now watch the rich be cared for, the middle class be baited with the false possibility of becoming rich, and the poor cleverly blamed as everything gets worse, except for the rich.

Whatever the difference in the political parties, the reality is the Republicans stand for the rich as they talk clearly to the middle class and poor of great sounding but failure-producing sound bites, and the Democrats stand solidly for the middle and poor but cannot come close to making themselves understood.

Take the recent tax cut debate. The Democrats want to let the cuts expire for all making over $250,000 a year, and the Republicans have been successful convincing many of the middle class this isn’t fair. Did you hear a single Democrat ask who in the crowd makes over $1,000 a day at their job? That’s right, over $1,000 because you’ve got to make $5,000 a week to make $250,000 a year.

This is the difference, plain and simple, yet all the Republicans have to say is “less taxes,” and the middle class and poor get right in line. The end result is the rich save more in taxes than the rest of us can earn in wages. Good luck with the “fair and balanced” Republicans in charge.

Cliff Adams Jr.

Spruce Head


Thanks for support

I would like to thank all the local businesses for their complimentary gifts and services that were provided for veterans on Veterans Day. Having almost 24 years in the military myself and the opportunity to speak with many other veterans, I know the show of support is appreciated by all.

I realize that it can be difficult for some to show support for war and the deployment of our troops, but it is very important that we show support for the men and women of our armed services that are deployed, whatever the reasons. I was a part of Desert Storm and the Iraqi Freedom campaigns and am pleased to be recognized for my contributions and to feel the support of the American public.

Many thanks also to the troop greeters. They are always ready to represent Maine when those big planes full of troops arrive at BIA. I remember coming through BIA when I was on my way home from Desert Storm and meeting my in-laws for the very first time in the upstairs lobby. The troop greeters made this event even more special.

Larry Estes



Stay strong, nurses

I am not a nurse, nor could I ever be one as blood causes me to pass out. But my lovely mother has been a nurse at EMMC for over 30 years, many of those as the charge nurse on a surgical floor.

I went with her Saturday to an information forum for nurses and then to a negotiation session with the hospital. I was amazed at the nurses’ willingness to stand their ground for patient safety while keeping the option open to discuss changes to the contract that work for both parties. I was disgusted that the hospital called for negotiations and then spent six hours discussing how they would tell MSNA that they were unwilling to make any concessions.

Stay strong MSNA. As an outsider, I can see that your demands are necessary for patient and nurse safety. This is not an issue about money. Perhaps more needs to be done to educate the rest of the outside population so everyone can see this in a clear, easy to understand way.

Stacie Nevells-Sparkman



Nurses never waver

While the negotiations between the nurses union and EMMC have gone on for an extended period of time, the nurses have never wavered in their desire to give excellent patient care.

Even with the possibility of a one-day strike and the word from management that they will lock us out for two additional days, the care and support for one another is showing what a dedicated group of nurses are employed by EMMC. Even knowing we will not be paid for those three days, the solidarity and support shown to each other and our patients will remain the utmost priority. We know that each patient deserves quality time and superb healthcare.

The bedside nurse is the one who knows you and your condition. These are the professionals who come to work each day, prepared for whatever comes their way. With the help of great ancillary staff, we strive to see that everyone is taken care of and aided on their way to recovery.

Many nurses, some who have been there for decades, give us the familiarity of the protocols, equipment and emergency actions.

We are convinced we can make your visit even better by negotiating in good faith, and that is the ultimate goal. We stand strong and stand by our convictions. We believe in what we do and also in what we can do with successful resolutions.

Ellen Celli



Welcome and thanks

Veterans Day has always been special to me. I am a Navy veteran. I live with my father-in-law who is a retired Army veteran (Vietnam era).

This Veterans Day, I found myself at the airport to welcome a friend’s daughter home from a church mission; she had been gone almost two years. After she arrived, someone said a troop plane was landing and we should stay and welcome them home. It seemed appropriate that it was Veterans Day.

We all lined up as the first of the troops started coming down the ramp. Everyone started clapping and shaking the troops’ hands. I reached out as the first soldier made it to me and shook his hand and found myself saying, “Welcome home, sergeant!” I got so caught up in the moment, and my heart started pounding. On several occasions the men and women were very touched and some were fighting back tears.

I am so proud of those men and women. We here at Bangor have the awesome opportunity to do this on a regular basis. This is the first American soil they touch coming from the horrors of war overseas. We should be there thanking them for the sacrifices they make freely for us. Let us show them true appreciation and maybe when their work is done, they will remember a friendly little town called Bangor and move to settle down and raise their children. May God bless our troops wherever they may be.

Lonnie Wilcox



Keep ANWR wild

The new Congress sure has some crazy ideas for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, but the American people have been keeping it wild for generations. The 50th anniversary of the Arctic Refuge on Dec. 6 presents an historic opportunity to protect this last, vast American wilderness as our newest national monument.

Big mammals, such as the iconic polar bear, still roam freely in America’s Arctic and millions of the world’s birds feed and nest on its plains. They come here each year, seeking refuge from a world of encroaching hazards to receive their most sacred needs: sustenance and safe harbor for bearing their young.

The Arctic Refuge remains wild, so the cycle of life continues. As Americans, we have a moral and civic duty to ensure that this cycle is not broken — not on our watch. Please, President Obama, protect the Arctic Refuge as a national monument.

Malcolm Lincoln


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