June 21, 2018
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Nov. 11 Letters to the Editor

Freedom isn’t free

I awoke and did what a lot of Americans did after Election Day. I turned on the TV to a local station to see what the results were.

I didn’t think, nor did I channel surf, to find military news to see if there were any recent casualties in Afghanistan or Iraq. It isn’t like 2002 when we first deployed soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines to Afghanistan or in 2003 when we started combat operations in Iraq. We were glued to the TV and keen on any new developments.

The reality of war struck that day, when by midmorning I learned that my cousin, 1st Lt. James Zimmerman, gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving with the 2nd Marine Division in Afghanistan.

Have we become so “caught up” in life’s unimportant daily routines that we fail to reflect on the dangers and sacrifices that men and women such as James are still enduring? There’s no excuse on my part, having served two tours in Iraq.

Please remember those such as James this Veterans Day, who have willingly and unselfishly given their lives so we can continue to enjoy our freedoms.

Pray for protection for those who are serving and give thanks for what they do.

Through the heartache we can have peace knowing that James is with God. I am certain that he died not in vain but for what he truly believed in, and that is keeping this great country free. Unfortunately, freedom isn’t free.

Steve Curtis



Unfair tax burden

I’m surprised to learn that the state of Maine collects more than $1 billion in individual income taxes a year, but collects just over $100 million in corporate taxes a year.

It makes me wonder why businesses say they are overtaxed. Isn’t the individual paying a lot more?

Ernest Pantaleo



Sour grapes?

Regarding the BDN’s Nov. 5 editorial advocating instant run-off elections, “A Better Way To Vote,” I am sure that editorial would never have been printed had the candidate the BDN endorsed for governor been elected by the same margin.

Scott Pardy



Multitasking officer

OK, so the Bangor police officer got to keep his gun while voting. Great. But why was he conducting personal business while on duty?

What other business does he conduct while on duty? Is this behavior pervasive among the police department?

I’d really prefer my tax dollars not be used to pay city employees while they are doing their own errands. Most of the rest of us are expected to work when at work.

Clyde Tarr



Better financial system

Is it finally time to fix our financial system? I believe the many solutions we hear from politicians are perpetuating the problem. What we need is an honest money system, constitutionally authorized. What we have now is a privately owned and controlled system (the Federal Reserve) that creates money out of thin air and lends it to the government at interest.

Why can’t the government create its own money and invest it directly in federal, state and local infrastructure? This would create jobs, get money circulating and not create any debt. Sounds easy and it is, and it has been done successfully in the past.

Our monetary system has long been hijacked, and it is time to reverse course. Instead of the U.S. Treasury borrowing through interest-bearing bonds, we can legislate that the Federal Reserve be turned into an arm of the federal government, administered by the U.S. Treasury to issue money directly, debt free. Banks can still be banks, and their source of funds still would be accounting credits (loans) from the reformed Federal Reserve.

Past inflation and bubbles likely were caused by excessive creation of money tied into the related excessive debt. Thus, we also need to rein in the existing fractional reserve lending practices, which would then allow the lending of money into circulation at the same rate as demand, thereby avoiding inflation.

Our monetary system is too important to leave it to unelected private interests.

Stan Harmon

Bar Harbor

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