Game meats and the hunt for lean November

By Jennifer LaRue Huget, Special to The Washington Post
Posted Nov. 10, 2010, at 10:14 p.m.

I have come to rely on lean protein as a cornerstone of my diet: I count on modest portions of beef and pork tenderloin, roasted whole chicken and grilled chicken thighs to keep me feeling full without bogging me down with lots of fat or calories.

I also eat fish, which though not lean contains healthful fats. I’d love to add more meats to that rotation, however. And there’s a whole class of food I hadn’t considered: game.

Game gets kind of a bad rap. Some people object to the idea of hunting deer, rabbits, waterfowl or other game creatures. Others hate the “gamey” taste. But the locavore movement, paired with a poor economy, has led some folks to embrace hunting as a way of procuring local, healthful and inexpensive meat. And if hunting’s not for you, you can always buy farm-raised game at a store or order it from afar.

If you’re new to the game game, here are some facts that might interest you: printed on August 22, 2017