May 27, 2018
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Nov. 8 Letters to the Editor

McConnell no leader

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s goal of making President Obama a one-term president certainly does not suggest that he is willing to work with him on anything.

Is carrying out a personal vendetta one of the qualities we are looking for in our leaders? I think not. I will go so far as to say that the founders of this nation did not have people like McConnell in mind for leaders when they put together our form of government more than 230 years ago.

Russ Irwin



No compromise

As predicted, the tsunami came and washed out most of those politicians who have all but wrecked our economy and the dreams upon which America was built. The newcomers ran on conservative principles and this is what they had better stick to.

Now is not the time to reach across the aisle and offer up compromise. Now is the time to make President Obama a lame duck just halfway through his first term. Now is the time to undo the past two years and stand up and say “no more,” even if it means shutting down the federal government. It’s time to redirect and restore America to its greatness. What a great day it was as I woke up on Wednesday morning thinking no more Nancy Pelosi obnoxiously speaking down to the people, and just how was Sarah Palin feeling today?

For those who continue to vote with blind loyalty, I would ask you to look at what the real economic consequences have been and will always be when we elect folks who keep spending our money like it grows on trees in our backyards. We won, but there’s no point in winning if things are not going to change. The real campaign to win back America starts today.

Joe Clement

Van Buren


Run-off election

Our next governor received less then 40 percent of the total votes cast. In terms of actual registered voters, that will translate to less than 25 percent of the state’s electorate. In what sense do these results truly reflect “the will of the people”? And can anything be done to assure that any candidate for statewide office must receive the support of the majority, at least of those casting ballots, in order to represent the people of Maine?

The obvious way to assure that would be to provide for a run-off election between the two candidates receiving most votes if no candidate has received a majority. By then, presumably the voters would know as much about the candidates as they were likely to learn; the run-off election could take place within a month of the general election. This might have the additional benefit of causing each candidate, in their final appeals, to give serious consideration to the expressed preferences of voters beyond their own, more narrowly defined political base.

I’m aware that a second election would involve logistical issues for municipalities and additional expense. The question becomes, what do we mean when we say “democracy,” and are we willing to pay the relatively small price necessary to make our electoral system more reflective of who we are as a people? And if not, what price will we pay for that lack of will in future elections?

Jim Bishop



Democrats tone-deaf

It was interesting to read the comments in the article “Trifecta energizes party leaders” about the recent election results. The Republican winners seemed to show appropriate caution in their post-election statements. Unfortunately, the Democrats exhibited exactly the sort of tone-deaf responses that have made voters weary.

Even in defeat, the Democrats — represented in the article by Emily Cain and Hannah Pingree — were still clinging bitterly to the old playbook. Even though the whole state government “changed hands,” these folks are saying the election was not a repudiation of their policies, making comments implying that the voters were too stupid to realize who and what they voted for, and insisting that the only way ahead is for the winners to adopt the policies of the losers, who have had 50 years to demonstrate their flawed ideas.

Cain and Pingree, and those of like mind, should realize that the voters have seen what direction the Democrats are taking, and said no more. The Democrats should be working on how they can compromise and foster bipartisanship, not the other way around.

Tim Ferrell



Bad times ahead

The Federal Reserve Bank is in the process of monetizing national debt.

Under Chairman Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve will be fabricating $600 billion and dumping these worthless dollars into the money supply to purchase U.S. Treasury securities. This will make everything more expensive for everyone in the United States. Those who will be hardest hit are those on fixed sources of income such as Social Security, disability income, TANF and unemployment insurance.

My main concern is that elected officials, who are in the positions of creating budgets paid for with tax dollars, need to be aware of and be sensitive to this impending crisis for many already financially strapped Maine households. Furthermore, we need to hold our Congressional representatives and the president accountable for this calamity.

In my opinion, they have destroyed a once prosperous economy with their excessive deficit spending and their domestic policies that have encouraged the flight of businesses to other countries and have limited the growth of new business in the U.S.

The most difficult times lie ahead for Maine and all of the United States.

Gerrard Rudmin



Recognize EMMC staff

In regards to a recent column about Eastern Maine Medical Center: I have been a patient in this facility for the past three weeks and I have had many hours to observe the nurses, doctors and other staff members here. I know that the staff here is top notch and they put in many hours away from their families to take care of the people in this facility. They spend countless hours dedicating their skills with little to no thanks from the outside, while the head personnel can be at home with their families, eating hot meals and sleeping in their own beds.

I think it’s about time that the people of the Bangor area and all those that use this facility understand what kind of service these skilled professionals give to take care of you, your loved one or your friend. They need to be recognized for their hard work and dedication.

If there is a bad penny hidden within these professionals then they should be punished and removed, but please don’t punish all of them for someone’s mistake or stupidity. These people need to make a living and shouldn’t be expected to work all hours of the day and night to achieve this goal.

John A. Powers



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