Farm trust presents photograph exhibit

By The Midcoast Beacon
Posted Nov. 06, 2010, at 6:13 p.m.

BELFAST — “Bogshod,” new work by photographer Jonathan Levitt will be on display through Monday, Nov. 29, at Maine Farmland Trust Gallery, 97 Main St.

The exhibit will include a selection of agricultural images from a larger series documenting life and landscape along the coast of Maine.

Photographer Jonathan Levitt said he looks for dreamland within drudgery. The images are meant to be a map and an inventory, a documentary diorama.

Levitt said, “I like taking the documentary perspective, but I try to reach past the surface into something more metaphysical. I look for emblematic moments that feel both timeless and contemporary.”

In Levitt’s show, the farmer and his or her herd, be it cows, sheep or pigs, make up the subject matter, but it is really the infinite complexities of that relationship, and the context of the living landscape that holds that relationship, that interests Levitt.

Anna Abaldo, gallery coordinator at Maine Farmland Trust, chose Levitt for the unique quality of his images that she describes as “intimate, and heavy with mood.”

Levitt is a graduate of Hampshire College, the Dubrulle French Culinary Institute of Canada and the Masters Program in Gastronomy at Boston University.

His work has been published in Gastronomica, The Boston Globe, Saveur Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Yankee Magazine, The Radcliffe Quarterly and other publications.

He lives near the village of Ducktrap.

For more information, call Anna Witholt Abaldo at 338-6575 or e-mail printed on April 28, 2017