Sonnet vii

Posted Oct. 30, 2010, at 7:39 p.m.

We hate in others what we hate within;
We need not guess the sins of swaggerts pure;
Before exposed they preach their filthy sin
Of perfect spiritual pride inured.
How do academics prove lofty worth —
Droppings of names in jungles of jargon?
Their pride a source of backward jeering mirth —
Relegated to onomastidon.
Thus, He prefers the whores and pimps undone,
To clergy smug in vulgar surety;
The former know they are not worthy ones;
The latter drown in ugly purity.
If you have softly felt a touch divine,
Cast not such pearls to dogs nor stinking swine.

Paul McBreairty is a medical doctor living in Fort Kent.