May 23, 2018
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Oct. 30 Letters to the Editor

Fredette right choice

Citizens of House District 25, which includes Newport, Corinna, Plymouth, Exeter and Corinth, have the opportunity to elect Ken Fredette as their next state representative.

Ken is a longtime member of the National Guard, is a member of several boards in Newport and has served as a prosecutor. He has run a successful law office in Newport for several years. His theme for his campaign is common sense, hard work and conservative values. A true sportsman, he had been endorsed by the Sportsman Alliance of Maine and the National Rifle Association. All of this certainly fits well with the folks in House District 25.

I personally have known Ken for a number of years, and I know he will do a great job as a state representative. I urge the voters of District 25 to vote for Ken Fredette.

Rep. Paul Davis



Vet likes Levesque

As a veteran who recently returned to Maine, I will not be letting Mike Michaud receive my vote. While Mike has tried to hide from his voting record by touting his veterans’ work, he forgets that, first and foremost, thousands of young returning veterans such as myself are looking for jobs.

Mike also should be reminded that it is a congressman’s job to take care of his constituents, not an achievement to tout. It certainly doesn’t justify the lack of jobs and economic opportunity, as most vets want to earn a successful living and not be dependent upon the state the rest of their lives.

In his 22 years in the state Legislature from 1980-2002 and eight years in Congress from 2002-present, Mike was at the forefront of a Democratic majority that made Maine the least business-friendly state in the nation. Young people returning to Maine from college and military service are confronted with the harsh reality that making a good living in their home state is almost impossible.

Mike Michaud’s 30 years in government have been an utter failure. As a veteran, I will support another veteran, Jason Levesque, who is committed not only to taking care of veterans through the VA, but also to making Maine economically active and providing young vets with opportunities to start a new life here.

Patrick Frazier



Raye rising star

One candidate stands head and shoulders above most of all the others in the hundreds of races taking place here in Maine. Only Kevin Raye has had experience to move Washington County, our Down East region and all of Maine forward.

There is a very good chance the Republican Party will take control of the Maine Senate, and that could put Kevin in the position of Senate president. Kevin Raye is the only one who has performed the very jobs a senator must understand to effectively represent all of us in making decisions. That hands-on experience is absolutely necessary to handle the complex and challenging issues facing Maine in this new century.

Kevin has done a great job for us in Augusta, of which we can all be proud. He has made the long trip back and forth hundreds of times during each session so he can do the people’s work and also stay in touch. Kevin is everywhere, and when the day is done and it is time to put out the lights, he has the job done.

This son of the Down East coast does it the old-fashioned way, with hard work and shoe leather.

Kevin is never short on new ideas. He possesses a peerless ability to work with all of his fellow legislators, and he is a fountain of old-fashioned values. That is a winning combination in any race and a winning combination for all of Washington County.

John Miller



Support Dunphy

I would like to encourage the citizens of House District 88 to support Larry Dunphy as state representative. I have no doubt he will serve us with distinction.

Larry has lived in this area his entire life and is fully aware of the challenges our rural communities face. He also has operated a small business and experienced firsthand the governmental barriers and mandates placed upon business owners. He is eager to get to the Capitol and unravel the burdensome regulations faced by business owners.

Larry Dunphy is more than ready to take on the role of state representative. He is an established leader and will serve as your voice and advocate for your best interests in the Maine State Legislature.

Rep. Wright Pinkham Sr.

Lexington Township


Veronica to a ‘T’

During the last legislative session I e-mailed my state representative, Veronica Magnan, urging her to support a bill I favored. She replied within hours, confirming her support of the legislation in question and then added that she’d love to correspond at greater depth on the matter but that she had 120 more e-mails to answer.

Serving in the Legislature is more than a full-time job during sessions, and she works hard at it. I ran for the House District 41 seat myself six years ago and know well the demands on her time, and I’m in awe of her performance. The job title is “representative,” and that describes Veronica to a “T.”

Live in Orland, Verona Island, Prospect, Frankfort, Stockton Springs, or Searsport? We’ve got a great state rep in Veronica Magnan. Let’s re-elect her.

Kent Price



Don’t unleash Levesque

Mike Michaud works hard as our representative. He’s provided a new VA clinic in Bangor, increased R&D funding for the wood composite program at the University of Maine, and secured emergency funding for the Waldo-Hancock Bridge.

Candidate Jason Levesque conveniently ignores Mike’s success and hopes that Maine voters will foolishly vote for him. I think that a little reality check is in order.

What kind of man is Levesque? Consider an article published in the Jan. 29 Sun Journal. We learn Levesque posted a serious accusation on his Facebook page contending that a “very liberal” member of Auburn Public Library’s board had wrongly canceled Levesque’s campaign appearance there.

But the library was forced to cancel the appearance because Levesque had failed to sign a simple contract of understanding required of all persons.

Levesque dropped the accusation, but never admitted his mistake, leaving the library with a glaring public relations black eye.

Levesque seems propelled by a self-fulfilling prophesy that could find political enemies anywhere. He’s way off if he thinks the library, the most egalitarian and apolitical institution around, is suspect. Don’t unleash this man on the nation’s capital, or we’ll be in a worse mess than we are now. He’d be so busy seeking out partisan slights that he’d alienate colleagues if he even noticed the real problems in the process.

Re-elect Mike Michaud, the real choice for Maine people.

Elizabeth A. Stevens



Michaud knows trade

The United States is “developing” into a third-world country with a tiny percentage of the population as billionaires, a few relatively wealthy professionals, and the mass of people struggling to survive. This is structural, not cyclical, unless we make some major changes in our economy.

One reason for this state of affairs is our huge trade deficit caused by the current rules for global trade, written by and for the multi-national corporations. Rep. Michaud gets this and has written the TRADE Act, which rewrites the rules so that everyone can benefit, not just the fattest of fat cats, and American sovereignty is protected.

Because of the TRADE Act, he is enemy No. 1 for the big multi-nationals, and a friend to every true American patriot. Mike is smart, knowledgeable and experienced, and needs more time to get this bill passed.

If you prefer plutocracy (rule by a wealthy few) to democracy (rule by the people), then by all means vote for the glib telemarketing pro who doesn’t understand the trade issues at all. If you actually care about the country and the Constitution, however, vote for Mike. He’s done a great job in Congress, and will continue to work hard for Maine people and for what is best for the country.

Bonnie Preston

Blue Hill


Steve Stanley for commish

Steve Stanley of Medford is running for Penobscot County Commissioner District 3. I have known and worked with Steve since he was elected to the State Senate in 1996 where he chaired the labor and taxation committees. When termed out in 2004, he was appointed by the governor to fill a vacant seat on the county commission, and was then elected in 2006.

Steve Stanley has been a strong advocate for Orono, Old Town and northern Penobscot County. He has worked to maintain services provided by the county while stabilizing the tax burden. Steve has been a leader in reviewing the role of LURC, and believes strongly that counties should have a bigger role in the planning and development of the unorganized territory.

The people of Penobscot County are fortunate to have a representative like Steve Stanley.

James N. Dearman



Stevens the best

I encourage voters in House District 17 to vote for the re-election of Rep. Sara Stevens. Sara is a life-long resident of the district. She knows the people and their concerns, and has shown that she has the ability and desire to address those concerns. I have been continually impressed with her devotion to constituent service. She is an excellent representative of the people in her district.

Her focus on the needs of the small business owner, whether on Broadway, in downtown Bangor, or anywhere in Central Maine is to be commended. She is keenly aware of that owner’s concerns and is always on the alert to assist him or her in any ways she can.

District 17 could not have a better representative in the Maine House.

Louise Shindler



Equality Maine’s motives

For most of 2009, Equality Maine did its best to call opponents dishonest and deceptive. It claimed no interest in education and denied plans for same-sex marriage would have any impact on education in Maine.

This year, Equality Maine has endorsed over 140 candidates for state legislature and has already spent over $100,000 to help them get elected. You might not recognize its members’ help because they fail to mention their dominant interest – legalizing same-sex marriage. They don’t mention it but they are stacking the deck to force the debate all over again.

While they clearly want candidates elected who will support a new definition for marriage, they won’t tell people that. They pretend to be interested in other issues. And one of their favorite issues turns out to be education. Perhaps their next flyer will include an apology for calling us liars when the connection was made between same-sex marriage and education. I won’t wait for that, but I will call upon Equality Maine and their candidates to explain why they are hiding the issue that binds them together. Maybe John Piotti will go first, since he received almost $15,000 worth of help so far.

I urge Maine people to carefully read the disclaimer on their mail. If it says “paid for by Equality Maine,” then you will know it is advocating for a return to the same-sex marriage debate. And the endorsed candidates should explain the deception. One has to wonder how many promises they bought for $100,000.

Bob Emrich

Maine Jeremiah Project



Man with the plan

We are of different political parties and have each had the privilege of serving the citizens of this region as a Penobscot County commissioner. We both care deeply about our community and our state and believe that it is vitally important that we elect an individual who is best able to lead us through these difficult economic times.

The solutions to the problems in this election are not found with either the Republican or Democratic candidate. We believe that independent Eliot Cutler will be a governor with a plan that will work for all those interested in a better Maine.

Peter Baldacci, Penobscot County Commissioner

John Bragg, former Penobscot County Commissioner



Lunchini for House

Jobs, renewable energy, education, and fiscal responsibility — is there anyone who would not agree that these are important and pressing issues that need desperate attention? In fact, aren’t these some of the same vexing problems that politicians focus on during each election cycle? Why then do we not make much headway in finding workable solutions to creating more employment, solving our energy woes, better educating our young people, and practicing better

fiscal restraint?

The answer is that there are no simple answers to these questions. They can’t be solved in a 30-second sound bite. They can’t be negotiated without building bipartisan support at the state and federal level. But, they do require a representative who will work tirelessly, stay focused and be disciplined to work on these difficult obstacles to a bright future here in Maine.

So when it comes to the House seat in District 38, who has those qualities? I believe that it is Louis Luchini. Born and educated in Ellsworth, Louie brings untarnished enthusiasm, enormous energy, and keen intellect to critically examining what works and what doesn’t work, and to promoting solutions that can make us all feel better and more secure in this great state.

Richard Will



Clearly Cutler

During this election I don’t care about who is in what political party. It makes no difference when I cast my vote for governor. The only question I ask during these very challenging times is who is best equipped to do the most effective job? The answer clearly is Eliot Cutler.

I have examined the candidates’ records and positions and Cutler is easily at the top. His intellect and broad experience at the state, federal and international levels are Maine’s best hope to rise from this economic funk that we wallow in. It takes a person who understands and has experienced these governmental and business interconnections delivering a broad vision to maximize the creation of a strategic plan that utilizes all of the tools available to get Maine back on its feet.

We shouldn’t settle for second best.

Tim Love

Penobscot Indian Nation


LePage’s moment

The sum of our journey molds and prepares us for a moment in time. Such is the case with Paul LePage. His journey includes humble beginnings, personal adversity, undaunted determination and myriad accomplishment. Now the moment has arrived.

Maine needs Paul LePage. I have known Paul for a few years and I am confident that his journey has more than prepared him for the office of Governor. We need Paul’s determination to take Maine in a new direction. Old policy and the status quo have failed.

We need his business prowess — we’ve all been to Marden’s. But, most of all we need his passion. Passion indicates emotional investment in the process. Without passion, you have the status quo.

Maine needs Paul’s passion for us. Our next governor will face financial and structural adversity. Paul is the only candidate whose journey through adversity has brought him to this moment.

Maine needs Paul LePage.

Chandler Woodcock



No on Question 1

I was taken aback by Pat LaMarche’s Oct. 12 column. While I don’t always agree with Pat’s opinions, I do respect her work. Either Pat does not have a clue what is in the referendum for Question 1 or she is being misleading. It’s hard to imagine a former paid spokesperson for the casino that is unaware of the content of the referendum.

Pat implies that the only opposition to Question 1 in Penobscot County is Hollywood Slots and that it is out of pure greed. “They just want every other gambling dollar that the state lottery doesn’t already get.” The real truth is that the referendum is flawed and directly damaging to Bangor and the citizens of Penobscot County who went to the polls to support the development of Hollywood Slots.

Not only does Hollywood Slots oppose the referendum but so does the Bangor City Council and the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce; both are on record with resolutions against the referendum. Why? The referendum has a “poison pill” imbedded within it. Not only does it prohibit any other racino or casino within 100 miles, but it specifically prohibits anyone else in the state from having table games. It just happens that the only other place that could add table games is Hollywood Slots.

We do need more jobs. I for one would support a casino in Oxford County but let’s have an honest, level playing field. Vote no on Question 1.

Ken Huhn



Sen. Perry led

As chairman of the Legislature’s Joint Select Committee on Maine’s Energy Future, I was surprised to learn of attacks against Sen. Joe Perry for his efforts to bring forward legislation to that committee. Sen. Perry was one of only four senators to serve on this select committee charged with developing policies to help Maine people lower their energy costs.

I commend Sen. Perry for bringing forward a menu of options in his legislation, and most of his core policy suggestions were incorporated into the final bill. Most importantly, Sen. Perry emphasized the need to move beyond our existing approach of funding only electrical energy efficiency and do more to help weatherize homes and businesses.

This whole-home approach was adopted by the committee. This is incredibly important to Maine families and businesses because 80 percent are heated with oil. Since there is little we can do to lower the price of oil in the short-term, it is essential that we help families and businesses reduce their energy bills through efficiency.

I have been proud to work with Sen. Perry in the Legislature and appreciate his unwavering commitment to helping lower energy costs for Maine people. It’s a shame that he is being criticized for pieces of the legislation designed to highlight the challenges we face rather than being commended for working with Republicans and Democrats to find real solutions to Maine’s dependence on foreign oil.

Sen. Philip Bartlett



Fire Michaud

Earlier this year the president’s health care bill was debated, voted on and passed. It was (and still is) a bad piece of legislation. Depending on which poll you reference, 55 percent to 60 percent of Mainers were against this bill.

Mike Michaud was elected (hired) by the people of Maine to be their representative in Washington. Yet despite the fact that the majority of the people who hired him were against the health care bill, Michaud decided to play party politics and side with Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party and voted for this bill.

Michaud also ignored the people of this state and voted the party line on the Wall Street bail-out, the automakers bail-out and the stimulus spending bill that has done nothing to stimulate jobs. It is time to fired Mike Michaud, and Chellie Pingree who has an identical voting record.

Earlier this year I wrote a letter to the editor in which I outlined how bad the health care bill was and in which I made a promise that I would remember Michaud’s vote in November. On Nov. 2 I will keep that promise and vote to fire Mike Michaud. I urge you to do the same.

Timothy Grant



Democrats gone wrong

Today I received a campaign flyer from the Democratic Party. As I write this letter, my 2-year-old daughter is playing with the flyer and asking me about the pictures, a large brightly colored photo of a fortune cookie.

I thought it was a campaign advertisement supporting Eliot Cutler and his work fostering relations between China and the U.S. As an undecided voter I actually read the piece and was surprised that his connection to China was being viewed as a negative. Somehow “promoting Chinese involvement in our economy” has become a bad thing.

The piece also states “Maine jobs could go to China.” Is that news to anyone? Many of those jobs have gone; shoes, textiles, paper what’s left?

Blueberries and lobsters? And since job creation is desperately needed in Maine, maybe exporting Maine products to China would be a good thing.

What really concerns me is that as a lifelong Democrat I have always felt that we were the party of inclusion and tolerance. Since when did China become our adversary? What do Mainers have to fear from China? Why is the Democratic Party stirring up fear and encouraging xenophobia? How do I explain to my daughter that fortune cookies so often mistaken as “Chinese” are an American invention, and that her almond shaped eyes, so lovely and exotic, are as American as a fortune cookie.

Nancy White

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