June 20, 2018
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Oct. 27 Letters to the Editor

Election Notice

The Bangor Daily News will stop accepting letters and columns related to the Nov. 2 election today. We will stop printing such commentary with the Oct. 30-31 edition. Not all submissions can be published.


Sloppy campaigning

In its ad that accuses Paul LePage of taking his name off his property in Waterville, the Mitchell campaign shows viewers a copy of a deed and the announcer says, “Here is the deed with LePage’s name on it.” The problem for the Mitchell campaign is that the deed shown is clearly from Florida and lists a property in West Palm Beach.

If the Mitchell campaign cannot get its facts straight in a simple attack ad, how is she going to run this state? After the debacle involving the photo of Mitchell holding a picture of former President George W. Bush calling him a “terrorist,” one would think they would have checked their ad for this sort of mistake. Apparently honesty isn’t one of the primary concerns of the Mitchell campaign.

P.J. Yost



Hannah backs Pratt

Few legislators in Augusta are as passionate and as committed to the issues as Rep. Ben Pratt. Pratt has earned his reputation of being an outspoken advocate for workers, farmers, kids and the hardworking people of his district. It has been an honor to serve with Pratt, and I urge the people of House District 20 to support Ben Pratt on Election Day.

In addition to being one of the Legislature’s younger members, Pratt also serves as a full-time firefighter in Orono and as a volunteer firefighter in his hometown of Eddington. This takes the kind of energy that only someone like Pratt could deliver. Through his work in the community, he knows what is on the minds of residents and is responsive to their needs.

As an avid outdoorsman, Pratt has been active in making the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife more responsive to the public. He sponsored and guided to passage a law, LD 714, that requires the department to take input from anglers when they are making decisions about fish stocking. They now must take public comment before introducing or ending fish stocking in any inland water. This is just one successful effort among many on Pratt’s part that will benefit the people of Maine.

I hope the voters of District 20 — including Bradley, part of Brewer, Clifton, Dedham, Eddington and Holden — will cast their vote for Ben Pratt. His bold and thoughtful voice is needed in Augusta.

Hannah Pingree

speaker of the House

North Haven


That GOP?

“Poll shows those craving change look to GOP,” said the front page of the BDN on Oct. 18. The GOP? Is this the same GOP that gave us the inanity, insanity, depravity, mendacity and duplicity of the eight years before Obama?

The GOP that gave us Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rice, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft?

The same GOP that led us into two illegal, unnecessary and very expensive wars? The same GOP that inherited the biggest surplus in history and left us the biggest deficit ever? The same GOP that gave us the Patriot Act and all the abuses that came with it? The same GOP that gave huge amounts of our hard-earned middle class tax dollars to the wealthiest who didn’t need or deserve it? The same GOP that left us the lustrous legacy of Sarah Palin and the uninformed “tea partiers”? My brother often has asserted that one never should underestimate the stupidity of the American voter — the current trend seems to support his theory.

I confess that I am not happy with Obama. I hoped for national health care, a reduction in defense (aggression) spending and a quick end to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, the GOP is not the answer! The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Michael P. Warr



No more slaps

How would you, the voter, like a good slap in the face? In fact, how would you like four slaps in the face? If you vote yes on Question 1 and the casino gets approved, that is exactly what you will be doing to the Indian tribes in Maine.

Over the years, they have tried three times to establish a casino.

They have been denied three times. Please don’t slap them again. Do the right thing and vote no on Question 1.

C. Louis Bernardini



Suckered by bus?

The BDN’s Oct. 20 story on the “Spending Revolt” bus tour that drove through Bangor is incomplete. The political rally on wheels, which attracted only 25 onlookers, is not a grass-roots social movement of everyday people, but rather is funded by a pair of Washington D.C. political corporations.

60 Plus calls itself a “seniors advocacy group” concerned with spending, but lobbying records show it promoting Internet gambling, offshore oil drilling and obscure provisions for telecommunications corporations. 60 Plus calls itself “bipartisan” but independent expenditure data show it spends its millions exclusively to promote Republican Party candidates.

The other corporation propping up Spending Revolt is Americans for Prosperity, a creation of billionaires David and Charles Koch. Like 60 Plus, Americans for Prosperity is a GOP front group, spending exclusively to promote Republicans in this election cycle.

Neither group has been willing to disclose its donors to the American people. Instead, they’re paying people to roll a bus around the country and play the part of angry everyday folks. Are we going to allow ourselves to be suckered by these well-heeled partisans?

James Cook



Piotti responsive

David Parkman, treasurer of Waldo County, has written a letter to the editor chastising John Piotti for not responding to a letter that was sent in May of this year.

It seems that it took David Parkman a long time to bring the matter to the attention of the public. I learned long ago that a simple phone call, made in a timely manner, can clear up many misunderstandings.

I have known both gentlemen for a long time and have considered both of them to be friends. While, admittedly, my political leanings are toward the Democratic Party, I have known many honorable men and women of both parties in my lifetime.

John Piotti has been ever-mindful of his responsibilities to represent the people of his district. Waldo County will be well served by having John Piotti as its next senator.

Without going into the details, I have had a rather minor, although technical, ongoing septic tank issue involving the state, the town of Palermo and the DEP. John Piotti has gone above and beyond and has been extremely supportive of me for the past two years in an effort to bring the matter to completion. He found the time to be in regular contact with me through personal visits, phone calls and e-mails for that entire time. That epitomizes his dedication to the people of his district.

Lester Davis



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