April 22, 2018
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Oct. 21 Letters to the Editor

Inaccurate headline

I wish to express my sympathy to Lorraine and Roger Morin for the loss of their expected son in 2007 at 16 weeks gestation. I wish to scold BDN on the choice of the word “stillbirth” in the leading front page headline for Tuesday, Oct. 19. A fetal death before 20 weeks is a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion.

Every woman who has experienced one knows the heartache, but estimates are that 20 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. “Stillbirth,” fetal death after 20 weeks, is a word that carries a lot more emotional baggage. Any competent editor would have checked the meaning of these terms.

That Mr. and Mrs. Morin would choose to sue a hospital for emotional damage due to a miscarriage and that BDN would choose this as a lead article detracts attention from the real emergencies of our health care economy.

Amy Fradel



Vote no on casino

I disagree with Pat LaMarche’s Oct. 13 column where she recommends that we vote yes for the casino in Oxford County with the “trust me” caveat thrown in for good measure. The yes crowd has been ballyhooing all the jobs that would be created. True enough, but they conveniently don’t mention the harm to society.

How do we handle the dilemma when a mother asks, “where is the rent money?” and her husband, mate or significant other answers, “I lost it gambling at the Oxford Casino.” And she receives the same answer to “where’s the grocery money?”

Society must step in to help out, which means one way or another, more taxes will be levied that we can’t really afford. A no vote seems the best answer.

George Chebba



Better bear response

I want to commend the Department of Inland Fisheries and Bangor police for their handling of the black bear spotted hiding under a downtown bridge — in particular, biologist Randy Cross, who is now something of a hero to my kids for trying to save the young bear.

After paddling up to the bridge (where my family canoed just recently), Mr. Cross climbed up the wall, sedated the bear, then lowered him gently into his canoe. This is so much better than Bangor’s last human-bear encounter, where no tranquilizer was even brought to the scene.

Although they weren’t able to save this bear’s life, we hope this rescue is used as the standard for future encounters: coordinating the effort, displaying care and respect for all living creatures and not just immediately discharging a rifle anywhere a bear is spotted. We hope that people like Mr. Cross are included in all future missions.

John Picone



Real campaigning

A TV commercial features a voice in the background asking Paul LePage why he took his name off the deed of his Waterville home. Mr. LePage states he never did. Quickly, a copy of a deed comes on the screen and the commentator says, “But here’s proof!” The deed shown is a copy of a deed from Broward County in Florida. What does that have to do with a home in Waterville, Maine?

The commercial also accuses Mr. LePage of being a tea party candidate. Mr. LePage’s response is that he didn’t seek them out. Pictures are shown of Mr. LePage addressing a group of tea party supporters and he is heard thanking the group for having him back. Simply addressing a concerned group of citizens does not make anyone a member of that group. Maybe all candidates should be addressing these concerned groups to explain their own ideas on problems, and solutions they support.

Stop the bashing now and get on with some helpful campaigning.

Halvor A. Magnus Jr.



Deep hole GOP dug

It is said, “What goes around, comes around.” That’s what happened with the Republican policies that led to the financial crisis. The loud complaints we hear from them seems unfounded considering they caused the mess we’re in today.

I voted for George W. Bush – twice. I voted for Barack Obama in the last election because of the failed policies of Republicans leading up to the crisis which we are all adversely affected by today. Now, Obama is being criticized for the slow progress of recovery. Where is there any Republican leadership that proposes a way out any more valid than is being done now?

A noisy clatter of complaints is the sole content of what the Republican Party has to offer today. Rather than concentrate on meaningful programs, the party is running on the unhappy situation it created. Their followers today are people who are unhappy because of their failed policies of the past.

There is progress. The hole the Republicans dug for us is deep. It’ll take time to fill it back in, so let’s not throw the shovel away yet.

Eliot Cutler seems like a refreshing choice to me.

James A. Leach



LePage the one

I get so tired of reading negative letters to the editor about Paul LePage.

Many of our great leaders had a short fuse, including Gov. Ed Muskie, Gov. Jim Longley and President Lyndon Johnson. Did this make them unfit for higher office? On the contrary, they all did a great job.

Let us put aside this foolishness and concentrate on the issues of the day, like taxes (one of the highest in the country), deficits, poverty, welfare, unemployment and jobs.

Elizabeth Mitchell has been in the legislature as a leader for many, many years. She and her party have been in control for almost 35 years. Look at the mess we are in.

In her position of leadership she pushed through same-sex marriage which was repealed by the people. If she is elected governor, it is top on her list to bring the issue back. She pushed through the so-called tax reform, which was also repealed by the people as well as the soda tax which was also repealed by the people.

During her tenure, she has voted for every tax increase presented and every ultraliberal bill. Is this what we want in our governor? Think again.

Wakine G. Tanous Sr.

East Millinocket

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