College roundup, Oct. 16-17

Posted Oct. 18, 2010, at 12:02 a.m.
Last modified Oct. 19, 2010, at 3:13 p.m.


UMaine-Fort Kent (12-0) 5, College of St. Joseph (3-6) (Vt.) 0

At Fort Kent, Saturday

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UMFK goals: Walford Stewart 2, Jermaine West, Walford Stewart, Kevin Dion; assists: Oniqueky Samuels, Luka Odak, Pierre-Luc Couturier; goalie saves/shots: David Girouard 1-1

St. Joseph goalie saves/shots: Devin Bailey 19-24, Donald Purcell 0-0

UMaine-Farmington (6-4-3) 2, Johnson State (2-6-3) 1

At Farmington, Saturday

UM-Farmington goals: Jake Constantine, Blake McElman; assists: Viktor Nilsson, Zachary Good; goalie saves/shots: Derek Reilly and Tennessee Peters 11-15

Johnson State goals: Justin Clayton; assists: Nick Ross; goalie saves/shots: Ryan Belen 10-25

Castleton State (10-5-0) 4, Maine Maritime (4-8-2) 1

At Castine, Saturday

Castleton State goals: Jacob Ferry 2, Josh Costa, Nick Johnas; assists: Costa 2, Johnas; goalie saves/shots: Andy LaCroix 0-1

MMA goals: Nate Tipton; goalie saves/shots: Randy Bartlett 11-15

Norwich (8-5-2) 2, Saint Joseph’s (6-7-2) 0

At Northfield, Vt., Saturday

Norwich goals: Garrett Shufelt, Mike Ravenelle; assists: Ravenelle; goalie saves/shots: Alex Toomey 3-3

St. Joseph’s goalie saves/shots: Nick Campasano 6-8

Amherst (7-1-3) 1, Colby (6-5-1) 0 (20T)

At Amherst, Mass., Saturday

Amherst goals: Alejandro Sucre; assists: Mark Crane; goalie saves/shots: Lennard Kovacs 1-4

Colby goalie saves/shots: Ben Joslin 9-23

Southern Maine (4-8-2) 3, Western Connecticut (3-8-1) 0

At Scarborough, Saturday

Southern Maine goals: Nick Johnson 2, LT Sierra; assists: Matt Powers, Peter McHugh; goalie saves/shots: David Kreps 6-10

WCSU goalie saves/shots: Jack Holub 3-10

UM-Farmington (6-4-4) 1, Lyndon State (8-3-3) 1 (2OT)

At Farmington, Sunday

UM-Farmington goals: Jake Constantine; goalie saves/shots: Tennessee Peters 4-13

Lyndon State goals: Teague Coyle; goalie saves/shots: Jason Gray 18-30

Maine Maritime (5-7-2) 5, Green Mountain (1-11-1) 0

At Castine, Sunday

Maine Maritime goals: Greg Smith 2, Abdullah Alkhayyat, Nate Tipton, Daniel Hassett; assists: Ben Russell 2, Smith; goalie saves/shots: Randy Bartlett, Matt Baum 6-12

Green Mountain goalie saves/shots: Nate Kishbaugh 7-24

Castleton State (11-5) 3, Husson (2-11) 0

At Bangor, Sunday

Castleton State goals: Trevor Kotrady, Josh Costa, Ian Hunter; assists: Jacob Ferry, Nick Johnas, Costa; goalie saves/shots: Nate Koenemannn2-2

Husson goalie saves/shots: Mason Smith 10-16

Thomas (8-4-2) 1, Johnson State (2-7-3) 0

At Waterville, Sunday

Thomas goals: Edwin Reyes; goalie saves/shots: Mikkail Crockwell 6-6

Johnson State goalie saves/shots: Sam Martin 5-6



Amherst (5-4-2) 2, Colby (4-4-3) 1

At Amherst, Mass., Saturday

Amherst goals: Kathryn Nathan 2; goalie saves/shots: Allie Horwitz 4-9

Colby goals: Su-Lin Del Guercio; goalie saves/shots: Jayde Bennett and Loni Pisani 7-21

UMaine-Farmington (6-7-1) 2, Johnson State (6-5) 1

At Farmington, Saturday

UM-Farmington goals: Katie Cray, Noelle Moulton; assists: Kayla Tuttle 2; goalie saves/shots: McKell Barnes 5-9

Johnson State goals: Jennifer Ferrari; assists: Kyleigh Joseph; goalie saves/shots: Jes Gertsch 14-27

Lyndon State (5-7-1) 1, Thomas (5-8-0) 0

At Waterville, Saturday

Lyndon State goals: Jesi Amsden; assists: Naomi White; goalie saves/shots: Samantha Smith 6-6

Thomas goalie saves/shots: Kate Thibodeau 3-4

Western Connecticut (9-4-1) 4, Southern Maine (4-11-0) 0

At Danbury, Conn., Saturday

WCSU goals: Jillian Duran, Nicole Sieber, Lauren Matthews, Cecelia Dias; assists: Jennifer Duran, Jillian Duran, Ariana D’Aurio; goalie saves/shots: Caitlin Avery and Amanda Simon 1-3

Southern Maine goalie saves/shots: Kat Rothe 14-27

Castleton State (13-2-0) 4, Maine Maritime (4-8-1) 1

At Castine, Saturday

Castleton State goals: Courtney Chadburn 2, Hilary Cooke, Hannah Josselyn; assists: Kelsey Lenney, Brynn Campbell; goalie saves/shots: Ericka Davis 1-2

MMA goals: Natasha Morris; goalie saves/shots: Lacey Jackson 14-18

Norwich (10-5) 1, Saint Joseph’s (6-6-1) 0

At Northfield, Vt., Saturday

Norwich goals: Brittany Casey; goalie saves/shots: Nicki Hunsicker 9-9

St. Joseph’s goalie saves/shots: Jacqueline Lorenzen 5-6

Husson (9-5) 4, Green Mountain (4-8-1) 1

At Bangor, Saturday

Husson goals: Megan Lajoie 2, Rebecca Jones 2; assists: Michelle Manning, Caitlyn Butterfield; goalie saves/shots: Rozlyn Petersen 3-5

Green Mountain goals: Samantha Tajirian; goalie saves/shots: Karen Davidson 8-12

Maine (7-6) 1, Hartford (6-7-2) 0

At Orono, Sunday

Maine goals: Hannah Breton; goalie saves/shots: Meagan Price-Leibenzeder 4-10

Hartford goalie saves/shots: Lauren Brodeur 5-17

UMaine-Farmington (7-7-1) 2, Lyndon State (5-9-1) 0

At Farmington, Sunday

UM-Farmington goals: Alida Peake 2; assists: Kayla Tuttle; goalie saves/shots: McKell Barnes 3-6

Lyndon State goalie saves/shots: Samantha Smith 13-24

Maine Maritime (4-8-2) 0, Green Mountain (4-8-2) 0 (2OT)

At Castine, Sunday

MMA goalie saves/shots: Lacey Jackson 5-5

Green Mountain goalie saves/shots: Karen Davidson 10-10

Husson (10-5-1) 0, Castleton State (12-2-1) 0 (2OT)

At Bangor, Sunday

Husson goalie saves/shots: Rozlyn Petersen 7-12

Castleton State goalie saves/shots: Ericka Davis 6-12

Thomas (6-8) 1, Johnson State (6-6) 0

At Waterville, Sunday

Thomas goals: Arian Kumlangngam; assists: Amy Grivois; goalie saves/shots: Kate Thibodeau 3-3

Johnson State goalie saves/shots: Amber McCullock 8-9



Amherst (8-3) 5, Colby (4-7) 0

At Amherst, Mass., Saturday

Amherst goals: Liz Schink, Alex Philie, Chrissy Cantore, Katie McMahon, Krista Zsitvay; assists: Schink, McMahon; goalie saves/shots: Sarah Wise 3-6

Colby goalie saves/shots: Liz Fontaine, Michelle Burt 12-25

Husson (7-4) 6, Lasell (5-10) 0

At Bangor, Saturday

Husson goals: Sabrina Vaillancourt 2, Helen Berry, Kait Dingley-Jade, Courtney Allen, Lorri Hiltz; assists: Allen 2; goalie saves/shots: Kristen Capen 3-10

Lasell goalie saves/shots: Christine Thornton 18-30

Castleton State (9-5) 4, Thomas (4-8) 1

At Castleton, Vt., Saturday

Castleton State goals: Sarah Flore, Rachel Preusser, Courtney Nolan, Blake Wardwell; assists: Alisha Robert; goalie saves/shots: Siobhan Whittemore, Bridget Dusha 0-2

Thomas goals: Ali Kriegel; goalie saves/shots: Megan Denby 11-20

UMass Dartmouth (10-5) 2, Southern Maine (5-11) 1

At North Dartmouth, Mass., Saturday

UMass Dartmouth goals: Erica Allan, Eleanor Taylor; assists: Stephanie Kinchla, Allan; goalie saves/shots: Lauren O’Brien 7-11

Southern Maine goals: Kailey Bubier; goalie saves/shots: Kayla Kennedy 12-22

Maine (11-4) 6, Fairfield (8-7) 2

At Orono, Sunday

Maine goals: Kelly Newton 2, Jocelyn Mitchell 2, Stephanie Gardiner, Cassandra Mendonca; assists: Newton 2, Brittany Cummings, Maire Dineen; goalie saves/shots: Brittany Fleck 4-6

Fairfield goals: Marit Westenberg, Jill Keeney; assists: Anne Nieuwenhuis; goalie saves/shots: Maddy Sposito 9-15

UM-Farmington (10-4) 3, Castleton State (9-6) 2 (OT)

At Castleton, Vt., Sunday

UM-Farmington goals: Lily Barry, Hattie Laliberte, Emma Daniel; assists: Emma Deans 2; goalie saves/shots: Sarah Brown 10-21

Castleton State goals: Kealy Chipman, Sarah Flore; assists: Courtney Nolan 2; goalie saves/shots: Siobhan Whittemore 8-17



Maine (3-3) 4, Quinnipiac (5-1) 2

At Orono, Saturday

Maine goals: Danielle Ward, Myriam Croussette, Jennie Gallo, Brittany Dougherty; assists: Jordan Colliton, Ashley Norum, Kristi King, Kayla Kaluzny; goalie saves/shots: Brittany Ott 30-32

Quinnipiac goals: Brittany Lyons, Bethany Dymarczyk; assists: Lindsay Burman, Regan Boulton; goalie saves/shots: Victoria Vigilanti 16-20

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