June 24, 2018
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Oct. 15 Letters to the Editor

Michaud kept promises

Every election is so important. In difficult times, we cannot afford to move backward. Those of us who voted for our president knew clearly it would take more than two years to repair the damage that has taken decades to inflict. We need to stand up this November and support someone who fights for rural Maine.

Rep. Mike Michaud’s public service record is phenomenal. As voters, we respect certainty. These are uncertain times but, it is clear that Michaud understands the widespread anxiety of our economy. His voting record is public and speaks for itself.

He voted against the Wall Street bailout.

He is leading the fight against trade practices that destroy Maine jobs and is working tirelessly toward trade reform.

He demonstrates leadership on all veteran issues. He is the longstanding Chairman of the Subcommittee on Veterans Health Care.

Michaud represents 80 percent of this great state, geographically, and every weekend he comes home to Maine to be with his constituents. He made this pledge during his first election and he has kept that promise. His commitment and dedication to this state is unwavering.

I am voting for Michaud because it so important in uncertain time to be sure we have a congressman who votes consistently for what is best for all of us.

Marlene Stevens



Save the Maineiacs

I was saddened by the news that there may be a cutback on the use of the Maine Air Guard refueling efforts. The work they do, and have done for many years since moving to the refueling mission, has been excellent and earned them recognition across the country.

I am a troop greeter and have met many of those who have had the good fortune in working with our refuelers not only in our immediate area, but also when they have been deployed.

The Maineiacs have been very positive representatives for Maine.

I hope the Congressional delegation and the Air Force leadership will recognize the importance of our geographic location and the quality of work done by the Maine Air Guard and continue to use this facility as they have been.

Charles D. Fisher



Photo voting

On the BDN’s Oct. 7 State page, five photos appeared showing the five gubernatorial candidates holding a sign with the words “no” or “yes.” One would think the caption would address the question being asked, but it does not. It only shows the four male candidates with a “no” sign next to them, and a photo of Libby Mitchell with a “yes” sign.

It would appear that the BDN is using its news coverage to endorse a candidate. The other four candidates should be outraged with such an apparent misuse of the press.

Tony Maker



Tax disclosure

All five candidates for governor should be required to make public their state and federal income tax reports from the past three years.

If they have nothing to hide, they should be proud to release these records. It would show the public that they have complied with all applicable laws.

We, the undecided independent voters, ask that Eliot Cutler show exemplary leadership by taking this action first and demanding that the others follow his example.

Anyone who cheats on his or her taxes is cheating on his or her neighbors. We do not need that kind of person as governor. What about it, Mr. Cutler?

Norman P. Soucie



Smokers oppressed

I’ve recently become aware of a new policy at the University of Maine’s Orono campus that has me a little shocked: The campus is to be smoke-free beginning in January.

While I understand the health risks associated with smoking and second-hand smoke, I feel as though the minority is being singled out.

Without the option of smoking areas, the idea of oppression and lack of social justice creeps into my mind.

Without a doubt, smoking in an inside venue, such as a classroom, would induce health effects from second-hand smoke. But, it seems, that there is less evidence that smoking outside could produce health effects for those who choose not to smoke.

Even if there are potential risks to smoking outside, being ignored are the effects from automobile exhaust, which produces many of the same health risks that are associated with smoking. Also ignored are the risks from speeding drivers on narrow roads on a campus with thousands of people walking about, and yet there is no on-campus driving ban.

I’m a smoker and I’ll be the first to tell you that smoking is a disgusting habit. I choose not to smoke inside my own apartment not because of the health risks, but simply because it stinks. A smoking ban on campus is basically telling me that I cannot live my life as I choose fit and tells me not to do something that isn’t illegal. Without smoking areas, I’m being told oppression is now the norm on campus.

Paul Dunton



Casino a bad bet

Promoters of building a massive casino gambling complex in western Maine are sending out bogus claims about jobs and helping schools when what they are really about is sucking money from poor Mainers to enrich ruthless out-of-state owners. If we approve this money sink in Oxford County, it will be the only casino allowed. Sounds like an unfair monopoly to me.

Vote no on Question 1, either now by absentee ballot or at the polls Nov. 2. This casino is a bad bet.

Steve Cartwright



A stronger man

Perhaps Paul LePage should heed the advice of former President Jimmy Carter, who said, “A strong nation, like a strong person, can afford to be gentle, firm, thoughtful and restrained.

“It can afford to extend a helping hand to others. It is a weak nation, like a weak person, that must behave with bluster, boasting, rashness and other signs of insecurity.”

Les Myers

Old Town

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