June 18, 2018
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Oct. 13 Letters to the Editor

Power to the people

This November, “we, the people” have an unprecedented opportunity to return power to the people. In the past few years, the far-reaching and intrusive growth of the federal government has become so obvious to so many that a surge in traditional democratic patriotism has taken root.

Would you have been a federalist or anti-federalist? I would have been a federalist, as I told my daughter, Eliza Lois, when she asked. I told her I believed in the critical importance of a common defense for our country and the need of common currency so the states could trade with one another. Yet, the greatest fears of the anti-federalists have come true. Today, Washington, D.C., rules all.

Last week, I noticed the president’s name on top of a promotional sign at the federal building in Bangor. The sign celebrated the spending of $52 million of our money — for a rehab job. I am very disappointed with the cancerous growth of federal government and the fact some even find glory in the outrageous spending of our money.

The federal government has expanded its scope of authority and control and has usurped state rights and local autonomy; the power of the people barely exists. Some in the media further diminish the power of the people as they discredit Americans who gather for the tea party. All over our great country, hopefully, big-government supporters will be hearing the liberty bell ring through our voices and votes and will reinstate the power to the people.

David Nealley



Libby a school booster

I was very concerned when I read what independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler said about the Bangor school system in an interview for Bates College in 2002. He and I both attended Abraham Lincoln School and Garland Street School — now Cohen Middle School. Cutler said he left the Bangor school system because our schools were not good enough, and he wouldn’t have learned to write here. He went to private school out of state and didn’t return to Maine schools.

As a proud graduate of Bangor High, I want a governor who believes in Maine public schools. As a graduate of UMaine, I also want a governor who will strongly support the University of Maine System. We have great schools in Maine, and I want a governor who will work hard to make them even better.

There is a lot we can continue to improve in our education system, but you have to believe in it.

Republican candidate Paul LePage poses a major threat to education in Maine. He wants to decrease funding, increase class size and “be tough on special education.” Our entire state’s future will be worse off if he is elected.

Libby Mitchell believes in Maine schools and will work hard to invest in education. With her leadership, we will expand access to education — from kindergarten to college. She will make education a priority, essential to moving our state forward.

I care about Maine public schools, and so I’ll be voting for Libby Mitchell on Nov. 2.

Sarah Bigney



Voting for Chellie

I will be voting for Chellie Pingree.

I live and work in a fishing community. It is vital that our fishing communities be supported. Chellie is our only representative with hands-on experience with Maine’s fishing industry.

Right off the bat, as our representative in Congress, Chellie has already accomplished so much, not the least of which is her co-sponsoring the Coastal Jobs Creation Act of 2010, supporting fishing-stock research and coastal infrastructure. She also sponsored funding for working waterfront preservation.

For all of us whose lives are entwined with the fishing industry, either directly or indirectly, Chellie is working for us. Chellie’s incredibly hard work has a broad reach. She has helped us economically in ways that are in line with Maine’s values. This is demonstrated in many ways, some of which are Chellie’s votes for creating new jobs in the renewable-energy sector and legislation that already has created jobs for weatherization programs and so much more.

I hope you will join me and vote for Chellie Pingree.

Cindy Lang

Tenants Harbor


Troop greeters thanks

I wanted to share an experience my family had while traveling in New Mexico a few months ago. My mother, son and I were at a museum, and we had on Red Sox T-shirts. A couple at the museum noticed our shirts and asked us where we were from, figuring we were not from New Mexico. When told that we were from Newburgh, Maine, near Bangor, they asked if we knew of the troop greeters. We said we did, and they thanked us for belonging to such a great state.

They have a son in the military, and he has come through Bangor a few times. The mother of this man told me the troop greeters were wonderful, they meant so much not only to the troops, but also their families. They were so pleased knowing that people cared for their son. They wanted us to spread the word to everyone in Bangor that they were thankful for the great job the troop greeters do.

I was very proud to be able to say I was from Maine that day, and even more proud of the troop greeters.

Theresa Brown



Schneider answers call

I first met Sen. Elizabeth M. Schneider when she came to my door campaigning. We had a great talk. She was direct and clear. I sensed she would be a strong advocate if I ever needed one. The proof came when I really did need her help.

I have a close friend who lives in a remote area of the state. No matter how hard she tried, she could not get the phone company to give her service. She is in her 80s, and I was very concerned for her safety. She needed her telephone service connected.

Of course, I know the job of a state senator is not to hook a phone up, but my friend needed help and she wasn’t getting anywhere with the phone company. I called Schneider and she answered her phone immediately, and she instantly went to work on the problem.

Within a couple days, my friend had her phone service connected. Thanks to the quick work of Elizabeth Schneider, my friend’s safety was improved, and I was very relieved.

Schneider cares, works hard and gets the job done. I hope everyone supports Schneider and helps to re-elect her. She is just the sort of person we need working for us in Augusta.

Shawn Lewin

Old Town


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