September 24, 2017
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Why are so many voters undecided?

With three weeks to go, nearly a quarter of Maine voters haven’t decided for whom they will vote for governor. Why is this so? With five candidates, shouldn’t more voters have aligned themselves with one?

Republican candidate Paul LePage led by double-digits in early polls, but has lost support in recent weeks. Why are those voters not choosing another candidate, rather than – apparently – going into the undecided camp?

Where does independent candidate Eliot Cutler fit in this dynamic? If he polled at a higher rate, would

he land many of those undecided voters? Why has Democratic candidate Libby Mitchell not gained ground as support for LePage wanes?

Do you believe in voting for an electable candidate, or are you comfortable voting on principle, even if your candidate is likely to get 5 percent or less of the vote?

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