Maine Medicare patrol gets fraud-prevention funding

Posted Oct. 07, 2010, at 6:03 a.m.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine is getting some federal help in preventing Medicare fraud.

Federal officials said Wednesday the state is receiving $88,750 to help expand Maine’s Senior Medicare Patrol program. It will help Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries become better at health care fraud prevention, identification and reporting.

The grant comes as scam artists try to use the new health care law to scare and steal from seniors.

The Maine program is one of 55 nationwide made available under President Barack Obama’s mandate to educate seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries about how to prevent fraud.

In 2009, according to a federal review of the program, these projects had a total of 4,444 active volunteers, recovered Medicare funds worth $76,176 and total savings to Medicare, Medicaid, beneficiaries and others were $214,060.

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