May 21, 2018
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Oct. 8 Letters to the Editor


After purchasing tickets to see Godsmack play in Bangor this weekend, I was really looking forward to spending the weekend at the casino and in downtown Bangor. After learning about the concert’s no re-entry policy, the group of friends and I that were going have decided not to do so. The festival goes from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. We had planned on going to lunch and dinner downtown, gambling in the casino, and doing some shopping. After learning that we will not be allowed to leave and re-enter, we’ve decided to cancel reservations and just go watch Godsmack play at 7 p.m. then return home.

I’m sure concert organizers are hoping we will spend all day eating their overpriced food and drinking their overpriced drinks, and I think that is unfair for the consumer and surrounding businesses. These concerts are sold to the local businesses as being good for them, but due to an outrageous no re-entry policy, those same businesses have lost out on our visits this weekend.

Morgan Sarro



Casino conscience

Having followed casino proposals from the very beginning, the only one I could vote for now, with a clear conscience, would have to come from our Native American residents.

Vern Patterson



Hothead no leader

“Hotheadedness … ready to punch … obscenity … get out of my state … stormed out of the room…” (BDN, Sept. 30). Without checking names, it can be hard to tell these days who is being described and quoted — an Afghan tribal leader or Maine’s GOP candidate for governor.

I will not vote for a hotheaded GOP tribal leader to govern my state. I will vote for Libby Mitchell, who has consistently demonstrated high values while serving Maine as Senate president and speaker of the House.

Fern Stearns



Liebow for Senate

I have known Dr. Paul A. Liebow of Bucksport for many years — as an emergency room doctor, as a friend and now as a Democratic candidate for the Maine Senate in District 31.

Having been around politics in Augusta for many years, I believe that Paul will be the kind of senator the Bucksport area needs. His knowledge of the field of medicine and his understanding of today’s health care system will serve him well in the 125th Maine Legislature.

Dr. Liebow has experienced the pace of emergency room care and has seen the health care system firsthand in his medical career. He is well-qualified to take this experience to the new legislative debate on the future of health care in Maine.

I recommend that the voters of Senate District 31 cast their votes for Dr. Paul Liebow in the Nov. 2 election.

Joe Brooks



Time for change

Libby Mitchell is a ruthless politician using hard-earned taxpayer funds to dig up dirt on Paul LePage. I’m not sure that is what was meant by “clean elections.” I say no to the socialist Democrats and independents who have run this state into the ground.

Time for change!

Kris Anderson



Follow law, not wind

George Baker’s recent comments to the press strike the wrong chord for those of us who have spent the last year living with the turbine noise in Vinalhaven. Baker, of Fox Islands Wind and the Island Institute, claims he is committed to running the turbines in compliance. However, on Sept. 14, he is quoted in the BDN: “He told the Associated Press on Tuesday that slowing down the turbines’ blades to lower the noise level by a couple of decibels may not appease critics. And lowering it further could hurt the economic viability of the project.”

Compliance with state regulations is not optional, and the rate payers of the Fox Islands Electric Co-op would expect it to be run within the law. Baker admits that by following state law, Vinalhaven rate payers will lose the savings FIW promised. Responsible planning and siting would have included adequate margins for error. However, like a gambler, he threw the noise dice into the wind turbine mix, gambling with islanders’ personal lives, their homes and the community electrical rates when economic times are tough. He has chosen to lay the blame for his poor planning and lack of foresight wherever he can find a convenient scapegoat.

It is time for George Baker to accept responsibility for his actions and begin to solve the problem he created.

Cheryl Lindgren

Sally Wylie



The duck or the buck

A question for all the LePage supporters: Why do you support a candidate for governor who won’t even accept personal responsibility for the filed tax returns he signed — under oath? There are only two possible explanations for what happened surrounding LePage’s tax return: 1) He honestly didn’t know what was on his tax return, in which case he is utterly unqualified to take fiscal responsibility for an entire state; or 2) He knew what was on his tax return and filed it anyway, which makes him a liar. Either way, he cannot be trusted with the fiscal responsibility of running our state. I want a governor who says “the buck stops here,” not “the duck starts here.”

There’s an excuse for everything today if you want to duck your own personal responsibility. A huge attraction of the tea party is that we want our elected officials to be held accountable for their actions. Signing an oath when you file your tax return means you take responsibility for knowing what’s on that return.

Fellow Mainers, don’t elect politicians who won’t take responsibility for their personal tax returns. Don’t trust someone who is either incompetent or a liar with our money.

Susan J. Pope



Disrespecting leaders

This is not the first time Paul LePage has expressed disdain for the office of the president of the United States. Do we want a man who does not value democracy to be our governor? The man is a scary bully of a creationist who will not, unlike our Republican senators, respect anyone who does not think like him, not even if he is the President. Do we want to go this way as a state? I do not think so.

Nori Kazdoy



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