May 27, 2018
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Oct. 7 Letters to the Editor

New tax brackets

Republicans, always the protectors of their richest friends, cannot bear to allow the Bush tax cuts to run out for the highest tax bracket, even though this would be the most effective way to help cut the federal deficit they are always whining about; and even though keeping these high-end cuts is the least effective way to build jobs in our dismal economy.

They are correct in declaring that families earning $250,000 should not be taxed at the same rate as those earning $10 million. What this country needs is two new brackets, one for those earning between $250,000 and $2 million taxed at 45 percent, and another for those earning more than $2 million taxed at 50 percent.

When we entered WWII the top tax bracket was taxed at 90 percent and this rate held until the Kennedy administration in the ’60s.

George Bush gave the country a huge tax cut and then started two unfunded wars. That’s why we have a dangerously high deficit.

Jerry Stelmok



Andrews for Senate

We need a fresh face and an ambitious person in Augusta and that person is Sue Mackey Andrews. She is very honest and sincere and this definitely is what we need.

I have known Sue for more than 30 years, and if she says she will do something, you can count on it being done.

Sue has been a huge advocate for the less fortunate and for children with special needs. She will exhaust herself to help them.

I urge you all to vote on Nov. 2 for Sue Mackey Andrews for the District 27 Senate seat. You will not be disappointed.

Susan Larson



Mitchell for governor

It is easy to see why so many thoughtful and concerned Republicans are endorsing independent candidates for governor. Clearly, their party’s nominee is out of step with Maine’s mainstream, and is, at best, not overly concerned with ethical or fiscal integrity.

However, it is Libby Mitchell who offers the best hope for all Mainers. She understands that operating and overseeing a state government is far more complex than running or managing any business.

The small-business owner to the CEO has broad power to cancel unprofitable sectors of his or her company or corporation, but a governor must represent all of the people, which includes schoolchildren, people with disabilities, seniors and all those who cannot fend for themselves or provide a profit, in the purely monetary sense, to the state.

We need a leader with imagination, energy, the will to reach across the aisle, and who, above all else, has experience in governing.

Mitchell is a pioneer. She has led both houses of the Legislature. She has been effective when others succumbed to the numbing despair of gridlock and blind partisan allegiances. Maine’s challenges are far too daunting to be left to amateurs.

Bruce Pratt



Simplify your life

I am wondering why well- meaning philanthropists are funding $12 million birth-to-kindergarten schools (as reported in the Sept. 28 Bangor Daily News) when we can’t even fund kindergarten through grade 12. I suppose they think the reason children come to kindergarten less able to learn is that parents are not capable or are too busy working, but I believe it is because our culture and lifestyle has evolved to become too material-oriented, hectic, unaffordable and unmanageable. Kids, parents and families are strung out in a treadmill existence. School for babies is not the answer. It is a Band-Aid for a symptom.

We are deluded to think we need and will be happier with bigger mansions and constantly buying more stuff. All this gluttony and greed requires more money, resources, energy and time away from parenting and drives war, debt, environmental degradation and poor health. Industry can’t pay us enough and so is forced overseas. Unmet needs soar and caring people are confused to think more social programs are the answer.

I believe it is possible to reverse this, and the way forward is to simplify our lives, disconnect from consuming and create local economies. We can read, converse, work, pray, and play together instead of separately staring at blinking cathode ray tubes for consumer programming. We can be with, teach and love our children instead of sending them away to an institution.

Peter Baldwin



Support Eliot Cutler

I am a college student who supports Eliot Cutler. I started doing research in May, when I discovered Eliot was running. I liked what he had to say and started to support him.

I am an education major, and what happens to education is very important to me. Eliot’s plan to reform education is amazing. He wants to introduce charter and magnet schools. He also wants to make sure every child is ready to enter kindergarten and every child has the same opportunity. He wants to extend Maine’s school year by 10 days, bringing us up to the national average. He wants Maine’s children to succeed.

I support Eliot Cutler because he has a plan. He is honest with us and stays right on point instead of going around it. I feel Eliot will listen to the residents of Maine, and I feel that he will help bring Maine back up to national standards. He is Eliot Cutler and he is independent, just like Maine.

Shauni Morrison



Maine deserves better

What exactly does it say about Paul LePage that he would bring here Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a Southern aristocrat, to endorse his campaign?

Mississippi has staggering poverty rates — 32 percent of its children live in poverty, according to recent census numbers. Mississippi has the highest overall poverty rate in the U.S., and its schools are universally acknowledged to be among the worst in the country.

Barbour is widely known as the governor who dramatically slashed budgets for the elderly, poor and disabled, and for refusing stimulus funds that would have allowed his state to expand unemployment benefits in the midst of the recession.

Is LePage planning to bring to Maine the Haley Barbour magic? Is this his idea of where Maine can be a few years from now, with the right amount of starved budgets and neglectful leadership? Mississippi is an example of a failed state with an unresponsive government.

Barbour should be ashamed of leaving his state even for a day — he’s got plenty to do there. And LePage should be ashamed for suggesting that Maine deserves nothing better than this.

Richard Langley


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