May 28, 2018
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Oct. 2 Letters to the Editor

Arrogance, disrespect

After hearing and seeing Paul LePage’s outrages over some simple questions about his taxes, I now see that he has no respect for the president of the United States by telling him to go to hell.

Now there’s a couple of great planks for his political platform. I wonder what other skeletons will come jumping out of this man’s closet. Let’s keep our eyes and ears open.

Sheila Pooler



Sahadi for House

If you live in Burnham, Palermo, Freedom, Knox, Montville, Unity, Thorndike or Troy, I recommend that you vote for Helen Sahadi for state representative.

I worked with Helen on the SAD 3 board for more than seven years and know that she gives 100 percent to everything she does. Besides being a hard worker, she is an advocate for school reform, asks tough questions, is respectful of those with different opinions, and works to make sure that every dollar that is requested is absolutely needed. She is not afraid to recommend cuts and worked for what was best for our communities.

On Nov. 2, vote for Helen Sahadi.

Karen Carlson



Drug disposal

I was pleased to read of the great response to the National Take-Back Day, returning unwanted and outdated medications to be disposed of responsibly. The ramifications of these drugs are many, not the least of which is the cost of paying for them in the first place. Perhaps physicians could be more pro-active by writing an initial prescription for a trial amount.

Also, as in my case, when I was discharged from a rehab facility, the physician sent me home with my pain medicine. I only used three pills, since I did not experience a need for this more potent drug and relied on simple Tylenol. The drug sat unused for a year until I read in a Waldo County TRIAD newsletter about the mail-in program, and I promptly turned it in by mail at no charge. Most pharmacies have a supply of the postage-paid envelopes used for this program. I would like to see this program receive renewal funding and publicized more widely and constantly. Perhaps by so doing, these unused and unwanted drugs would no longer hang around waiting for a would-be drug user to break in and get rid of them for us.

Pat Ayers



Can they read?

It is apparent that both parties do not respect private property. We have our land posted “No Trespassing,” and both political parties apparently can’t read or choose not to read our signs. So I guess this just proves that no politicians read anything, let alone bills that they pass.

We post our property as our right. Too bad politicians don’t care to respect our rights — another example of arrogance.

Judy Carter



Missing John Buell

It was with great disappointment that I learned that you will not be running John Buell’s column any longer. What a loss to a metropolitan newspaper that covers not only national issues but has prided itself on being in touch with the local populace and in particular a population that is hungry for intelligent opinion.

Bangor is trying to widen its shoulders and has made great progress in providing top-notch medical care, cultural events and services that would appeal to making it an attractive city to live and work. With this goes a variety of voices stimulating thought and debate.

I’m afraid by letting go of John Buell, you have, as a newspaper, inched closer to having just one voice.

Judy Taylor

Seal Cove


Bully, not leader

Regarding the article on Paul LePage published on Sept. 30: “LePage: about ready to punch reporter…”

Paul LePage comes across as a brash bully but not a true leader. What is going to happen when he can’t get his own way because his personal agenda runs afoul of the U.S. or Maine constitutions? This is one reason we need politicians who have a better grasp on the law and politics than LePage.

Can you imagine what would happen if you went shopping at LePage’s Marden’s stores shouting that the manager can go to hell and threatening violence? You’d get that “free ride in a police car” (the warning posted as you enter Marden’s).

Why should this type of criminal behavior be viewed as a sign of leadership in a candidate? Even those who want a Republican governor should recognize that Paul LePage is simply the wrong person for the job.

Marie Sims

Presque Isle


Keep atrazine out

Last week U.S. Environmental Protection Agency scientists met in Washington, D.C., to review the latest studies linking the herbicide atrazine to human health harms. They won’t meet again until early next year, and in the meanwhile, we will all be subject to a rather predictable public relations push from the makers and defenders of atrazine. In particular, we will be asked to believe that this review of atrazine is “unusual” and “unnecessary.”

When a pesticide is detected in 94 percent of drinking water tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and that pesticide is linked to everything from birth defects to cancer in a body of science that delivers more conclusive evidence every day, I would say that we need to take a hard look at the facts. When the European Union and Switzerland (where atrazine’s maker, Syngenta, is based) ban atrazine because they do not want their water contaminated, I would say we need to take a hard look at the facts.

New science linking low-level exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals like atrazine emerges all the time. But already, we know more than enough to know that the EPA would be remiss in its duties if it were not undertaking this review.

I’m glad EPA is following the science and hope they will be neither intimidated nor distracted by Syngenta’s disingenuous efforts to keep their product on the market. One of government’s jobs is to protect us from such corporate activity.

Paul Sheridan



Never on Sunday

While I am supportive of the Komen Race for the Cure walk that was held on Sunday, Sept. 20 in Bangor, I would ask why the walk could not be started after noon, to allow those of us who teach Church school and attend worship service, to participate as well? Why does it have to be on Sunday morning.

Donna C. Hall



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