April 22, 2018
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Readers react to GOP’s pledge, Pingree’s plane rides

This week, ClickBack asked editorial page readers about the Republican Party’s new pledge, Chellie Pingree’s flights on her fiance’s plane and what they’d do if they had $100 million to give away. To see more responses, go to www.bangordailynews.com and look for ClickBack on the Opinion tab.

Does the GOP pledge outline a bold new agenda or Bush-era left-overs?

I remember the Newt Gingrich “Contract with America” from way back when. This sounds like the second verse of the same song — and will probably end up the same way … all talk, no walk.


If the Democrats and the president had supported the contract, great things would have happened in D.C. But, politics got in the way again.


Going back to the failed Bush economic policies is not the answer, and that is about all that they offer. It is all about getting back in power, and not about helping the American people improve their lives (except the very wealthy.)


If the Republicans budget shrinking philosophy does not include radically shrinking the “defense” appropriations, then it is a sham.


It took the Obama administration to recognize health care as a right instead of a privilege. Republicans don’t believe America’s poor are just as entitled to health care as the rich. That’s why they pledge to repeal the health care law. The Republicans may win this November, but it won’t be with the aid of my vote.


Looks like, sounds like, smells like Gingrich’s warmed over “Contract.” Nobody liked that stew the first time it was passed around and it doesn’t smell any better the second time. As the preacher said, praying over dinner, “Lord, I believe you’ve blessed this mess once before.” Someone give the Republicans a new cook book!


Does Chellie Pingree owe constituents an explanation of her travel habits?

Of course she does. If she’s flying on a corporate jet, then we need to know which corporation. The jet is owned by a corporation that is an LLC for her fiance. A bigger cause for concern for me is that Pingree has voted on the Wall Street reform bill without declaring a conflict of interest. She can’t have it both ways. Finally, if she can’t stand the heat of public scrutiny, then she shouldn’t be in Congress.


Yes there is substance. She should back her stance and ride a bicycle between Maine and Washington.


How about the state buy a hybrid to transport our four representatives in Washington. It would give them a chance to have some quality time together and, who knows, maybe find out that each of them are not ogres because of their political affiliation.

As for Pingree’s mode of transportation, good question. But I could care less who she is living with. Let’s stick with the transportation issue.


If you had $100 million to donate, where would it go?

If I had $100 million to give away I would direct it toward rebuilding Haiti.


Fund IF&W to improve habitat and properly study wildlife. Not to be used for law enforcement or rescue.


Instead of worrying about some nation that has little to do with America’s well being (such as Haiti), I’d put some of this $100 million (a fourth) into the community and improving local living. The rest would go to “no kill” animal shelters/foundations.


First thing I would do would be to ensure the land my ancestors plowed and planted isn’t developed and would stay as farmland.

I’d build a really nice farmhouse with some ultra modern features and big, beautiful barns to house all my animals in style and pave my mile-long driveway to the house. Share a lot with my very large family making sure everyone is set for their lives.

I will donate money to orphans and people in need — in the USA.

Charity begins at home.


I’d mail the $100 million in to Augusta. That would leave them only nine other people to donate the same in order to pay off the $1 billion debt. Anybody know the address?


What a fun fantasy! Maybe put it toward the huge bill the state of Maine has run up with its hospitals?


If I had $100 million to give away, I would buy Haiti with half of that amount and have one hell of a time with the other 50 million!


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