College roundup, Sept. 25-26

Posted Sept. 26, 2010, at 9:33 p.m.
Last modified Sept. 30, 2010, at 11:47 a.m.


Lyndon State (7-1-1) 1, Maine Maritime 0

At Lyndon Center, Vt., Sunday

Lyndon State goal: Kyle Mecham; assist: Emmitt Simpson; goalie saves/shots: Jason Gray 4-12

MMA goalie saves/shots: Randy Bartlett/Jeff Butland 1-10

Castleton State (5-4) 3, Maine-Farmington (2-3-2) 0

At Castleton, Vt., Sunday

Castleton State goals: Chris Mulholland, Jacob Ferry, Josh Costa; assists: Costa, Billy Lund; goalie saves: Andy LaCroix 2

UMF goalie saves: Tennessee Peters 6

Johnson State (2-3-3) 3, Husson (1-7) 1

At Johnson, Vt., Sunday

Johnson State goals: Noor Bulle, Granger Gosnell, Victor Abass; assists: Lucas Fitzgerald; goalie saves: Sam Martin 5

Husson goal: Brian Loiselle; goalie saves: Mason Smith 4

Williams (5-0-1) 2, Colby (3-2) 1 (OT)

At Williamstown, Mass., Saturday

Williams goals: Charles Romero, Matt Ratajczak; assists: Noah Cadet, Gaston Kelly; goalie saves/shots: Andrew Lyons-Berg/Peter Morrell 1-5

Colby goal: Ben Desmond; goalie saves/shots: John Gardner 8-30

Maine Maritime (3-3-2) 1, Johnson State (1-3-3) 1 (2OT)

At Johnson, Vt., Saturday

MMA goals: Abdullah Alkhayyat; goalie saves/shots: Jeff Butland 18-19

Johnson State goals: Lucas Fitzgerald; assists: Nicholas Earle; goalie saves/shots: Ryan Belen 11-12

Lyndon State (6-1) 1, Husson (1-6) 0

At Lyndon Center, Vt., Saturday

Lyndon goals: Patrice Lumumba; assists: Andrew O’Brien; goalie saves/shots: Jason Gray 4-4

Husson goalie saves/shots: Mason Smith 8-9

Saint Joseph’s (4-4-2) 0, Emmanuel (4-3-1) 0 (2OT)

At Standish, Saturday

St. Joseph’s goalie saves/shots: Nick Campasano 3-3

Emmanuel goalie saves/shots: Carlos Perez 9-9

UMaine-Farmington (2-2-2) 3, Green Mountain (1-6-1) 0

At Poultney, Vt., Saturday

UM-Farmington goals: Jordan Hale 2, Sean Raph; assists: Sean Raph, Daniel Horne; goalie saves/shots: Tennessee Peters 1-1, Paul Dupre 5-5

Green Mountain goalie saves/shots: Nate Kishbaugh 6-9

Southern Maine (2-6-0) 3, Plymouth State (2-4-1) 0

At Plymouth, N.H., Saturday

Southern Maine goals: Peter McHugh 2, Nick Johnson; assists: Nick Johnson; goalie saves/shots: David Kreps 9-20

Plymouth State goalie saves/shots: Bjorn Ohlsson 2-8

UMaine-Fort Kent (8-0) 5, SUNY Canton (2-4) 1

At Canton, N.Y., Saturday

UM-Fort Kent goals: Henley Comrie, Walford Stewart, Andre Anderson, Amine El Moumen; assists: Andre Anderson 2, Jermaine West, Russ Mortland; goalie saves/shots: David Girouard 0-1

SUNY Canton goals: Repton Abrahams; assists: Loocken Vixama; goalie saves/shots: Homero Flores 14-18

UMaine-Machias 13, Fisher 1

At Machias, Saturday

UM-Machias goals: Stefan Zalucky 2, Kris Wignes 2, Pablo Salas, Adam Emory, Luis Herrera, Raymond Smith, Will O’Neill, Jacob Kuester, Devon Pendexter, Luke Wade; assists: Pablo Salas, Kris Wignes, Luke Wade; goalie saves/shots: Kyle Lancaster 1-2

Fisher goal: Nicolas Tsirigakis; goalie saves/shots: Jose Villagran 3-7, Taylor Norling 0-9

SUNY Canton (2-5) 2, UMaine-Presque Isle (3-3) 1

At Canton, N.Y., Sunday

SUNY Canton goals: Chris Cumella 2; assists: Dennis Frost; goalie saves/shots: Homero Flores 3-4

UM-Presque Isle goals: Craig Maffei; assists: Jeremy Tarr; goalie saves/shots: Richard Felbaum 3-5


Johnson State (5-2), Maine Maritime (2-4-1) 1

At Johnson, Vt., Saturday

Johnson State goals: Ally Bataille, Kyleigh Joseph; assists: Kelsie Perdue; goalie saves: Amber McCullock 9

MMA goal: Callie Thompson; goalie saves: Lacey Jackson 6

U. Maine-Farmington (3-2-1) 3, Green Mountain (1-6-1) 0

At Poultney, Vt., Saturday

UMF goals: Katie Cray, Noelle Moulton, Alida Peake; goalie saves/shots: Crystal Johnson 3-5

Green Mountain goalie saves/shots: Karen Davidson 9-21

Husson 2, Lyndon State 1 (2OT)

At Lyndonville, Vt., Saturday

Husson goals: Michelle Manning, Amanda Gifford; assists: Kayleigh Piccirillo, Manning; goalie saves/shots: Rozlyn Petersen 2-6

Lyndon State goal: Hillary Bonasera; goalie saves/shots: Samantha Smith 16-29

Trinity (3-0-1) 3, Bates (2-2-1) 0

At Hartford, Conn., Saturday

Trinity goals: Leigh Howard 2, Katie Giberson; goalie saves/shots: Emily Weedon/Lily Pepper 6-6

Bates goalie saves/shots: Annie Burns 12-16

Southern Maine (3-6) 5, Plymouth State (3-5) 0

At Gorham Saturday

USM goals: Cathy Wise 2, Danielle Poulin 2, Heidi DeHaan; assists: Poulin, Chelsea Norton; goalie saves/shots: Kat Rothe/Katie Cobb 5-13

Plymouth State goalie saves/shots: Angela LaBroad/Cortney Lins 4-14

Williams (5-1-1) 4, Colby (1-1-3) 0

At Williamstown, Mass., Saturday

Williams goals: Sara Wild2, Tyler Rainer, Kristine Nakada; assists: Wild 2; goalie saves/shots: Laura Wann/Julia Schreiber 2-4

Colby goalie saves/shots: Jayde Bennett 8-23

Emmanuel (3-6) 3, Saint Joseph’s (5-2) 2

At Standish Saturday

Emmanuel goals: Brittany Ridge, Hillary Rouse, Darcey Sullivan; assists: Kristen Baker; goalie saves: Beatrix Hassler 8

Saint Joseph’s goals: Cassie Diplock, Mikayla Call; assists: Elizabeth Theberge, Katherine Chambers; goalie saves: Jaci Lorenzen 7

Binghamton (3-7) 1, Maine (4-4) 0

At Vestal, N.Y., Sunday

Binghamton goals: Sarah Furminger; goalie saves/shots: Carrie Martin 5-5

Maine goalie saves/shots: Meagan Price-Leibenzeder 4-5

UMaine-Fort Kent (7-2) 8, SUNY Canton (3-3) 0

At Canton, N.Y., Saturday

UM-Fort Kent goals: Theresa Biggs 2, Donique Ferriera 3, Whitney Sinclair, Jamie Nadeau, Jenn Colpitts; assists: Whitney Sinclair 2, Theresa Biggs, Donique Ferriera; goalie saves/shots: Liz Morneault 4-4

SUNY Canton goalie saves/shots: Aubrey Parrish 1-3, Ricci Celia 11-17

Maine Maritime 2, Lyndon State 1

At Lyndon Center, Vt., Sunday

Maine Maritime goals: Elizabeth Cote, Katie Hutchinson; assists: Callie Thompson, Jessica Stahl; goalie saves/shots: Lacey Jackson 3-4

Lyndon State goals: Samantha Bergeron; assists: Jesi Amsden; goalie saves/shots: Samantha Smith 14-16

Husson (6-4) 2, Johnson State (5-3) 0

At Johnson, Vt., Sunday

Husson goals: Rebecca Jones, Megan Lajoie; assists: Amanda Gifford, Megan Clement; goalie saves/shots: Rozlyn Petersen 5-5

Johnson State goalie saves/shots: Amber McCullock 12-14

Castleton State (6-2) 3, UMaine-Farmington (3-3-1) 0

At Castleton, Vt., Sunday

Castleton State goals: Sarah Ethier, Megan Blongy, Hilary Cooke; assists: Kelsey Lenney, Courtney Chadburn; goalie saves/shots: Ericka Davis 5-5

UM-Farmington goalie saves/shots: McKell Barnes 4-7

UMaine-Machias 10, Fisher 0

At Machias, Saturday

UM-Machias goals: Kylynn Adams 2, Emma Legallais 2, Kim Pratt 2, Sarah Schmidt, Jessica Rubin, Joslyn Corey, Erin O’Connorr; goalie saves/shots: Stephanie Wunderley 0-0

Fisher goalie saves/shots: Leslie Wadhams 25-35

UM-Presque Isle 2, SUNY Canton 0

At Canton, N.Y., Sunday

UM-Presque Isle goals: Desiree Smith, Elena Estrada; assists: Brooke Long; goalie saves/shots: Taylor Ussery 5-11

SUNY Canton goalie saves/shots: Aubrey Parrish 3-7


Williams (2-2) 4, Colby 1-3) 3 (OT)

At Williamstown, Mass., Saturday

Williams goals: Karyn Moss, Margie Fulton, Katie Pettengill, Nicolle Perry; assists: Meera Sivalingam; goalie saves/shots: Katrina Tulla 5-8

Colby goals: Kelly Roth, Heather Quadir, Courtney Erskine; assists: Olivia Lattanzi; goalie saves/shots: Liz Fontaine 7-11

Southern Maine (4-6) 5, Eastern Connecticut (2-5) 1

At Gorham, Saturday

Southern Maine goals: Rachel Trafton, Whitney McDaniel 2, Joanna Gaube, Laura Campbell; assists: Kailey Bubier; goalie saves/shots: Emily Downing 0-1, Rachel Lolley 6-6

ECSU goals: Ashley Del Vecchio; assists: Ali Chapman; goalie saves/shots: Tia Mucciarone 3-5, Danielle Reichardt 1-4

Saint Joseph’s (5-2) 3, Husson (2-4) 2 (OT)

At Bangor Saturday

Saint Joseph’s goals: Rachel Messuri, Melanie Allen, Courtney Rague; assists: Rague; goalie saves/shots: Meaghan Johnson 19-30

Husson goals: Caroline Bochtler, Lorri Hiltz; assists: Helen Berry 2; goalie saves/shots: Kristen Capen 7-17

Colby (2-3) 4, New England College (3-6) 1

At Henniker, N.H., Sunday

Colby goals: Meryl Poulin 2, Hannah O’Brien, Caitlyn Lancaster; assists: Olivia Lattanzi, Hali Castleman, Hannah O’Brien, Meryl Poulin; goalie saves/shots: Liz Fontaine and Michelle Burt 9-13

NEC goals: Emily Kuchta; assists: Samantha Escobar; goalie saves/shots: Jesse Kilcullen and Melissa Mower 12-19

UMaine-Farmington (5-1) 3, Endicott (6-3) 2 (2OT)

At Farmington, Sunday

UM-Farmington goals: Elise Theriault 3; assists: Hattie Laliberte 2, Samantha Webster; goalie saves/shots: Sarah Brown 10-15

Endicott goals: Joanne Reid, Taylor Matties; assists: Joanne Reid; goalie saves/shots: Taylor Teixeira and Lizetta Solarik 11-20


Maine (2-0-0) 11, Sacred Heart (0-2-0) 0

At Orono, Saturday

Maine goals: Danielle Ward 2, Dominique Goutsis, Jenny Kistner, Kerry Mayhew, Kristi King, Brittany Dougherty, Myriam Crousette 2, Brianne Kilgour, Chloe Tinkler; assists: Brittany Dougherty 3, Ashley Norum, Jennie Gallo 2, Melissa Gagnon, Brianne Kilgour 2, Chloe Tinkler, Dawn Sullivan 2, Danielle Ward, Kayla Kaluzny, Dominique Goutsi, Jenny Kistner; goalie saves/shots: Candice Currier 7-7, Kylie Smith 5-5

Sacred Heart goalie saves/shots: Alexius Schutt 32-38, Isabella Santore 16-21

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