May 21, 2018
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Sept. 15 Letters to the Editor

The right men

Alert to all true Mainers and Americans: This November election is crucial to keeping our freedoms from being eroded more than they have been in the last 20 months, carried on from the fiasco previous to that of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi sworn into their respective Senate and House offices and making them less respectable positions.

We need the voice and presence of Republican Jason Levesque in Congress — vote for him on Nov. 2, turning his opposition out to pasture.

Considering that our present congressman in the 2nd District has really done nothing for Mainers and has been bent on supporting the current reigning majority in Washington, D.C. — voting for the so-called stimulus package that has been a failure; voting for the Obamacare bill that is an affront to every Mainer and American; saying he is for the veterans, but not really giving evidence of that — we are ready for a major change.

Jason Levesque is our man to represent the 2nd District in Congress.

And gear up for Republican Paul LePage to be elected governor. Cast your vote for this man who has the courage of his convictions, the leadership background and the sincere concern for Maine and its citizens to get back on the right track. We have been going downhill with a radical Democratic leadership for too many years, with his female opposition being a major part of the problems.

Let us put on our common-sense thinking caps, research for ourselves and vote for the right men to lead Maine into the right path to preserve our freedoms.

Sharon I. Rideout



Cutler, not LePage

I have always been the kind of person who likes honest facts. Paul LePage, Republican gubernatorial candidate, has put heavy emphasis on what he has done for Waterville as mayor. On Mr. LePage’s website, he claims he “has cut taxes, eliminated budget waste and red tape, improved services, and fixed the debt rating of the City of Waterville.” However, truth be known, Paul LePage has had no responsibility for any of these accomplishments.

All legislative powers of the city are vested in the council, and the city manager is the chief administrative officer of the city, responsible to the city council for the management of all city affairs. The city manager prepares the annual budget and capital improvement plan. And the city manager makes recommendations to the city council and mayor concerning the affairs of the city, facilitating the work of the city in developing policy and long-term goals for the city and strategies to implement these goals.

Now, I am concerned about business as usual in Maine. I believe it is time for a big change. However, I cannot support someone who inflates his accomplishments.

I have decided to support Eliot Cutler because he is an intelligent, well-informed person who has new ideas and respect for the people and the process. I believe that he can work with the legislature to implement the necessary changes the people of Maine deserve.

Doreen Sheive



Support Doug Thomas

I will admit that we have seen some Republicans who are not really conservative, but have we seen a Democrat who is not liberal? Sue Mackey Andrews does not have a voting record, but she is on record supporting unlimited abortion rights and higher sales taxes.

Doug Thomas does have a voting record, and it is a record that supports the expressed values of the people of Maine. He has worked and will continue to work for less government intrusion, less taxes and more real jobs in Maine.

Let’s send him to Augusta along with other like-minded people. He’ll support Paul LePage in restoring Maine’s economy.

Cindi Rosso



Dr. Proffitt’s past

During his tenure as Superintendent of Riverview Psychiatric Center, Dr. Proffitt demonstrated an unshakable commitment to the highest quality of client care. He introduced and integrated the concept of recovery. He insisted that clients be viewed and treated through the lens of their humanity first, their diagnoses second.

The federal government, the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the National Alliance on Mental Illness and a host of other well-respected psychiatric agencies nationally and internationally recognize the paramount importance of reducing and ultimately eliminating seclusion and restraint of persons with mental illness.

Data unquestionably demonstrate reduced incidence of injury and death of both clients and staff when mechanical restraint and seclusion are eliminated in favor of more therapeutic interventions.

Monika Riney



Remembering a warrior

I have been enjoying the Bangor Daily News all summer and will miss reading it when I return to New Jersey this month.

Of special interest to me are your excellent editorials. They all have been interesting, concise and informative. Especially your Sept. 1 editorial, “The Last Warriors.”

It was of special meaning to me because you described my Army husband perfectly. We wrote to each other for two and a half years before we met, and when he returned home, he never talked about anything that happened to him in Europe.

Our sons and I read all of the books we can find on World War II and compare the dates of happenings with his letters that I have to see where his division was and what he was doing in the ETO. Sometimes, he could tell me what country he was in.

We were married for 60 years when he died three and a half years ago. We all miss him every day.

Thank you again for your great editorial. Truer words were never written.

Dorothy Herklotz



Delicate world

We live in a world that is as delicate as a spider web: beautiful and easily torn apart. We are all connected to each other. Those who choose to follow the Bible’s New Testament read, “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself,” yet how easily we find ways to hurt each other: pride, prejudice, anger, fear, dishonesty, greed.

How many times and how many ways will we find to tear apart our world, lashing out against others instead of offering friendship? As the hymn states, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

Long ago, John Wesley wrote, “Do no harm. Do good.” I hope —no, pray — that all will begin to work for unity and for good, and that harmful acts like burning the Quran will cease.

Susan Yaruta-Young

Blue Hill


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