May 25, 2018
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September 14 Letters to the Editor

More of the same

I agree with the “Fix the right roads” letter to the editor by Charles Earley of Brownville (BDN, Sept. 6). They did a very good job with the paving — no complaints there.

However, the paving did not go far enough. We live in Lakeview Village, and the new paving on Lakeview Road stopped at Stanchfield Ridge Road. Yes, it is used, but not as much as the road into Lakeview.

It would be nice if we were treated the same as those at the other end of Schoodic Lake. We are happy for them; we would like to have the same.

Willis Gould

Lakeview Plantation


Who are we?

Sorting through my books recently, I came upon Howard Fast’s “The Immigrants.” The book opens with the horrors of the long sea voyage in crowded dirty holds and seeing the Statue of Liberty, at last, the Great Lady of Hope. And on her are written the words: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

The two characters — a man and his pregnant wife — find themselves penniless and homeless and preyed upon by men offering them jobs in far-flung places, like a seven-day train ride in a box car with few amenities and little food. If it were not for all the immigrants to whom we are all related and their hard work, where would we be? And where are we now?

We are a country that shipped 300,000 Mexicans back to Mexico and imprisoned countless more, separating families. A country that has the largest imprisoned population in the world and uses prison labor. We are a country that invades other countries illegally, kills the people, destroys the infrastructure and poisons the land with depleted uranium — all to steal land and resources and make it safe for American corporations to take over.

NAFTA has destroyed the economies of every country where it has been used, and the entire world has become our battlefield with armies, assassinations and secret drone attacks. We have vast unemployment, failing schools, homelessness and hunger. And the rich are getting richer. Who are we?

Jane Sanford



Read the Quran

The Holy Bible did not end in the book of Revelation. God’s holy and powerful words continued to speak in the book of the Holy Quran where it became complete. Before you consider burning the Holy Quran, I strongly suggest that you read it first.

Skip Umel



Greed power

What is wrong with the people in Maine? After years of carefully conserving the forests and bringing back wildlife, after cleaning the rivers and building fish ladders, after making the state a wonderland of outdoor recreation from hunting and fishing to skiing, hiking and camping, all of a sudden it is all being threatened by the erection of huge wind turbines.

Why? Because they come under the umbrella of “green, renewable energy.”

Ask yourself, how “green” is it when to create, ship (often from China) and install turbines, heavy equipment run by fossil fuels is required? How “green” is it to clear-cut hundreds of acres of carbon-absorbing trees for 35-foot-wide roads and the huge installation sites? Why are countries in Europe which have had wind turbines now dismantling them?

There are countless sites on the Web with good information regarding the blasting off of mountain peaks to make the 30-foot-deep foundations, soil erosion, destruction of wildlife habitat and statistics exposing the nongreen side of all this. Visit a wind farm that is under construction. Talk to people who live near existing wind farms.

Wind power is actually “greed power.” When the tax breaks, subsidies and grants are gone in 10 years, so will the big wind companies. Also gone will be the mountain peaks, the beautiful vistas, the wildlife and the tourists with their dollars. What will remain will be the ugly, rotting hulks of defunct wind turbines.

Kathy Giurtino



Mitchell gets education

I recently listened to two comments on Maine’s education issued from Paul LePage.

In one he seems to advocate importing Asian students to raise Maine’s standardized math test scores. I’m not sure what disturbs me more: the racist stereotype or his claim that we Mainers are so unintelligent that we have to import brains.

The other was even more disturbing: LePage’s call to close schools like the University of Maine campuses in Presque Isle, Fort Kent and Machias (heard on Channel X Radio interview July 15). From the interview it was clear that Paul LePage does not know the difference between a trade school, a community college, a college or a university. He seems unqualified to contribute to Maine’s education issues.

Libby Mitchell understands Maine’s education needs. She doesn’t advocate LePage’s tea party slash and burn strategy. She has stated that reforming the University of Maine system “doesn’t mean dismantling the access points of our campuses.”

Libby knows the value of higher education. She wrote, “each campus is a driving force for both the culture and economy of their community and the state is better off because of it.” Libby Mitchell has consistently advocated for a better collaboration between the providers of higher education in Maine as part of educational reform efforts without doing violence to our children’s futures. This is a superior solution to closing important regional campuses.

That is why I support her as Maine’s best choice for governor.

John F. DeFelice

Presque Isle


Fridays without Meg

Fridays aren’t the same without Meg Adams. We still miss her well-written, informative columns which first came from the Antarctic and continued as she moved to other locales. We found new perspectives on places and people wherever she went. We hope she will send occasional updates.

In the meantime, we are pleased with the addition of Kathryn Olmstead and hope her columns may become more frequent. Thank you for giving our own local Mainers a voice. They have something to say.

Lois and Bill Soule



Save Bush tax cuts

There is a monster in the closet, and if it gets out it could kill our struggling economy. I’m talking about the tax cuts passed almost a decade ago that are set to expire in January if Congress doesn’t act quickly. If Sens. Collins and Snowe let these tax cuts meet their demise, our taxes will go up.

Capital gains taxes alone would increase by up to 33 percent, and dividend taxes could increase a staggering 164 percent. This would deal a huge blow to an economy that needs stability. Our businesses and families can’t afford more taxes.

Hopefully our representatives in Washington understand that the last thing we need right now is a major tax increase. I urge them to vote to extend the current rates.

Sterling Pingree



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