Are Paul LePage’s property tax problems a legitimate issue?

Posted Sept. 13, 2010, at 3:47 p.m.

Recent news reports revealed that the house in which Paul LePage and his wife reside in Waterville, listed in her name, and the house she owns in Florida, were both claimed as her primary residence. That means both properties got the homestead exemption, a tax

break of about $200 in Maine and $1,500 in Florida.

The LePage campaign is calling the conflict a “paperwork error,” but the Democratic Party claims it is a breach of the law. Is this a substantive issue? As a candidate running on a platform of sound fiscal management, does this “error” damage his credibility? Or is this evidence of opponents

digging for dirt on the front runner? Do you think the mistake was an honest oversight, or was it an attempt by the candidate’s wife to save money?