June 24, 2018
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Sept. 13 Letters to the Editor

Orrington vote denied

Orrington offers a choice of high school to its students — between Bangor, Brewer, John Bapst and others. Until 2006, there was little or no difference in tuition costs among Bangor, Brewer and John Bapst high schools.

By the 2009-10 school year, tuition charges had increased in some schools substantially, causing taxpayers to spend approximately $140,000 (for school choice) more than what Orrington would have spent if the town had a predetermined tuition amount.

The results of a school committee questionnaire mailed to Orrington residents in December 2009 showed households favored school choice. But the question was poorly worded for determining who should pay whatever the increase is for per-student tuition charges.

With unanswered questions about who should pay the increase in tuition rates, some school committee members thought Orrington taxpayers should have the right to vote on how their tax dollars are spent. An article was drafted, allowing Orrington taxpayers to vote Nov. 2 on who should pay the extra tuition charges for the free choice option.

Should all Orrington taxpayers pay the extra $140,000 — or whatever the extra tuition amount is — or should parents be responsible for their individual choices of high schools and pay the extra tuition charges themselves?

On Sept. 1, the Orrington School Committee voted 3-2 that residents will not be able to vote on how their tax dollars should be spent on the school choice issue. Our right to vote has been denied.

Ron Elkin



Dunphy for House

We live in polarizing times. Political pundits boost ratings by inciting angry emotions and paint everything black and white with a broad brush. Partisanship has resulted in a damaging national stall.

These times call for representatives who will talk and work across the aisle to solve problems. Larry Dunphy is a person who will do that.

I have known Larry for 30-plus years. He takes seriously the responsibilities of citizenship, including community service. Larry knows the importance of spending time with young people. He was a wonderful role model and teacher for my son and other young boys in our community through Scouting and recreational programs.

Larry is a respected member of our community. I have seen and heard him speak at school board, planning board and town meetings many times. He knows how to address issues directly in a few short words. Anytime I talk with him I feel he values and respects my opinion.

When he disagrees with me he is very thorough and clear in his reasoning. I am confident he will know which issues require action from Augusta, and which ones do not.

I trust his ability to make sound choices, and I am confident he will be an effective representative. He will serve this district well.

Pamela J. Partridge

North Anson


Follow the Constitution

Sept. 17 marks the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution.

Some politicians, right and left, have the conceit and arrogance to think they can do a better job than the Founding Fathers. There is nothing wrong with our 220-year-old Constitution except some judges and politicians do not obey it. Beware of those who think they can improve on our Founding Fathers!

George Washington, James Madison and Ben Franklin did a wonderful job of producing our Constitution. It has lasted more than 220 years, protecting our liberty. Washington and Madison both called it a “miracle.”

No other country in the world can match our record of peaceful change of government.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Just elect officials who obey our Constitution — not rewrite it.

Alberta Gamble



Schneider for Senate

I have known Elizabeth M. Schneider for years now. We served on a local board of directors together.

She has always been active in the community. She is a person who never backs away from doing the grunt work, and she gets the job done. She has common sense, which doesn’t seem to be so common anymore.

I help with the Memorial Day parade every year. As our state senator, Elizabeth Schneider comes to our parade here in Orono, and then she rushes to make sure she gets to the parade in Howland in time for the ceremony there, too.

She also goes to the parade and events for Memorial Day in Lincoln. It is hard to be two places at the same time, but she does a pretty good job at it. She doesn’t have to rush around to so many towns and events but she does because she wants people to get the respect they deserve.

She is a no-nonsense person who we can all count on. I am voting for Elizabeth M. Schneider for the Maine Senate because she is the best person for the job.

Marlene Doucette



Maine needs LePage

Maine needs Paul LePage for our governor because he believes in our Constitution, both federal and state. He will never silence our voices nor infringe on our right to bear arms.

Paul will bring the Constitution back to Augusta. He will bring fiscal accountability back to the governor’s office by reducing spending, lowering taxes and eliminating red tape which interferes with a sound economy and creation of jobs.

Paul will institute regulatory controls and oversight for all departmental budgets especially education, health and welfare. He has a five-step program to eliminate welfare in Maine. This program alone would save millions of dollars.

Paul will fight the unconstitutionality of Obamacare and its mandates within our state. He believes in school choice, vouchers and school accountability.

Paul LePage has the life experience, political experience and business experience to lead Maine into a fiscally sound future.

Doris Vertz


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