April 22, 2018
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Readers united on Bangor’s sex offender ordinance

This week, ClickBack sought editorial page reader comment on Bangor’s proposed sex offender ordinance and the Glenn Beck rally in Washington, D.C.

Will Bangor’s sex offender residency ordinance make children safer?

It won’t make children safer. The best we can hope for is that this legislation doesn’t make children less safe.

Residency restrictions have not been found to reduce sex offenses in areas they are enacted. Law enforcement across our nation has come out against these tactics, because they mostly serve to drive sex offenders underground, and law enforcement actually has a tougher time keeping track of these people.
The best protection for children is to have parents who keep track of their lives.

Pure feel-good legislation.

Most children who are molested are victimized by family members, friends of the family — people who are considered trustworthy. They are enabled by parents who may be too trusting or not aware of the dangers their children are subject to.

How long does it take anyone to walk 750 feet? Do you feel safer if a registered sex offender is living 751 feet away?

This will do nothing to protect children from predators. It will do everything to make parents feel that something is being done and will probably cause them to let their guard down. Legislation like this will probably do more harm than good.

What did you make of Fox News commentator Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally?

Five-hundred thousand people. No community organizers to get them in place. No mention of politics. People from all faiths. Beck paid for the Kennedy center with his own money. More than $5 million for the Special Operations Warrior Fund. No signs. No fights. No arrests. No mess left behind.

Glenn Beck deemed himself not worthy to speak from the top of the stairs where Martin Luther King spoke. Held on Aug. 28 to commemorate Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” And it was a call to the nation to return to God and do His will for the betterment of the country.

You can disagree with Beck, Palin or King, but anyone who would disagree with the message, the methods or the purpose of this event would have to question themselves and their love for this nation and for God.

It was an attempt to rile up some people who will vote Republican. It was inflammatory rhetoric about emotional non-issues that are already protected under the Constitution. Beck is a Mormon, the richest U.S.-based church. What he and Palin were rallying about is the size of their personal incomes. They play their followers like violins. Beck earns $32 million yearly. Look it up.

Knee-jerk reactionary liberals will never hear messages that involve love of God, country, honor and liberty from folks like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. They cannot reconcile their selfish views with the selfless views of conservatives.

If the rally wasn’t about politics, what was Sarah Palin doing there?

Whether or not politics made its way into this rally is immaterial. The contrast between the “honor” embodied by America’s founding principles and the legacy of Dr. King on the one hand, and Mr. Beck’s noxious tirades on the other cannot be more stark. Orwellian.

Let’s outlaw public stupidity within 750 feet of a school.

Where did the 750 feet come from? Is there a study that says offenders are safer outside that distance? What if the kid has to walk by the offender at 751 feet?

It may not make a significant difference; if a sexual predator is determined to commit this evil and horrific act, a certain number of feet is not likely to make other than a negligible difference. However, if one is a parent, it is easy to understand how they look for some kind of solution to keep their children safer.

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