June 25, 2018
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Speedway 95 co-owners selling Hermon racetrack to St. Clair

By Larry Mahoney, BDN Staff

   Speedway 95 co-owners Del Merritt and Alice Baker have agreed to sell the track to former Wiscasset Raceway owner Dave St. Clair.

Merritt and Baker have owned the track since 1984.

St. Clair and his wife, Sandra, bought Wiscasset Raceway in 1991 and sold it to Doug White in 2007.

The 62-year-old St. Clair couldn’t be reached for comment but his son, Puncin, confirmed that his parents are buying the track.

Puncin St. Clair was surprised by the news but said “my father has always been a spur-of-the-moment kind of guy.”

Merritt wouldn’t disclose the terms of the contract but indicated Thursday night that it was for less than a million dollars.

The contract hasn’t been signed yet but an agreement has been reached, he said.

“[The St. Clairs] will do a good job [running it]. We’ll do everything we can to help him,” said Merritt.

Merritt indicated that he and Baker “got tired of it.

“I’ve been involved with the track for 42 years and I’ve had enough,” he said.

Baker couldn’t be reached for comment.

“You can’t win with these people [drivers and fans],” said the 65-year-old Merritt. “No matter what you do, you make somebody unhappy. It has become a hassle. You get calls from drivers day and night. It wasn’t fun any more and when it isn’t fun, it’s time to move on.

“I think I should be doing something fun,” he added.

There are two more Saturday night races cards the next two weekends but Merritt and Puncin St. Clair said after Dave and Sandra St. Clair buy the track, they intend to add some races this fall.

“They’re going to have a couple of big races at the end of the year, at least 100 or 150-lap races,” said Puncin St. Clair.

On Wednesday night, Merritt overturned the disqualifications assessed to three Late Model drivers after Saturday night’s races.

Race winner Josh St. Clair of Liberty, second-place Ryan Deane of Winterport and fourth-place Brenton Parritt of Steuben were disqualified because their motors were offset in the chassis, which supplies the drivers with a weight-distribution advantage.

They were disqualified by tech man Scott Modery, who was filling in for Wayne Parritt, who wasn’t working that night.

The motors are allowed to be a half-inch off center but St. Clair’s was ruled to have been an inch and three quarters off-center and Deane and Paritt’s were ruled to be two inches off center.

St. Clair is the son of Puncin St. Clair and grandson of Dave St. Clair.

Merritt said he overturned the disqualifications because the rulebook is vague about how to measure it.

“We don’t have a measuring point,” explained Merritt. “Do you measure it from frame to frame, ball joint to ball joint or from the center of the tire?

“So I thought it was in everyone’s best interests to overturn the disqualifications,” said Merritt.

Merritt said he spent a lot of time researching the rule and talking to a variety of people involved in auto racing before he made his decision.

He said the rules are out of date with current technology.

A new rule has been written and will be used at Speedway 95 for the remaining races.

In the Super Streets, Franklin’s Mike Overlock was disqualified for failing tech inspection for the same infraction for the third time. He had finished third so Ryan St. Clair of Liberty was moved up to third, Franklin’s Greg Pung was elevated to fourth and Hermon’s Doug Sinclair climbed to fifth.

In Wacky Wednesday night racing at the Hermon racetrack, Darrin Durrell of Newburgh took the lead on lap four of the 20 lap event and held off Paul Higgins of Newburgh for the victory in the Little Enduros feature at Speedway 95 Wednesday night.

Higgins finished second with Donny Blanchard of Bangor coming in third. Brock Worster of Kingman placed fourth followed by Andrew Crosby of Hermon in fifth.


Big Enduros: 1. Alvin MacNevin (Clifton), 2. Ed Cobb (LaGrange), 3. Shawn MacNevin (Hudson), 4. A.J. Cookson (Old Town), 5. Adam Gardner (Bangor); Ladies: 1. Shelby Kimball (Cornville), 2. Becky Elston (Carmel), 3. Chelsea Young (Winterport), 4. Rhonda Wilbur (Hermon), 5. Kayla Allen (Penobscot); Trucks: 1. Jim Carr Jr. (Clifton), 2. Peter Drake (Corinth), 3. Dana Harlow (Bucksport), 4. Andrew Crosby (Hermon), 5. Tammy Saunders (Bucksport); Stars of Tomorrow: 1. Matt Kimball (Cornville), 2. D.C. Alexander (Glenburn), 3. Brett McCullough (Kenduskeag), 4. Emma Libby (Glenburn), 5. Jacob Earle (Veazie)

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