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Aug. 26, 2010, Scores and Highlights

Bangor Daily News



    Maine 79, Quebec-Montreal 64 (exhib.)

    UM-Fort Kent 2, Roberts Wesleyan 0


Boys Soccer

Washburn vs. Ashland, at Presque Isle, 7 p.m.

Van Buren at Fort Fairfield, 7 p.m.

Fort Kent at Houlton, 4 p.m.

Wisdom at Central Aroostook, 4 p.m.
    Girls Soccer

Washburn vs. Ashland, at Presque Isle, 5:30 p.m.

Van Buren at Fort Fairfield, 5 p.m.

Fort Kent at Houlton, 6 p.m.

Wisdom at Central Aroostook, 4 p.m.
    Cross Country

Laliberte Invitational at Cony, 4 p.m.


Women’s Soccer

Maine at Charleston Southern, 4 p.m.
    Field Hockey

Providence at Maine, 3 p.m.



At Fox Ridge GC, Auburn

Flight 1, gross: Leslie Guenther 77, Jean Sweetser 81, Debby Gardner 83; net: Marie Cates 72, Karli Soracco 73, Karen Feeney 74; 2, gross: Melinda Eaton 93, Claire Poulin 95, Karen Richardson 96; net: Judy Edgecomb 70, Alison Watkins 72, Arlene Davis 74; 3, gross: Norma Michaud 99, Carmen Cohen 107, Barbara Hintze 109; net: Karen Dunbar 72, Martha Cielinski 76, Eve Lee 77; pins: No. 3 Karen Feeney, Sue Waltz; No. 5 Claire Poulin, Meriby Sweet; No. 13 Marie Cates, Louise LeCompte; No. 16 Jean Sweetser, Debby Gardner; skins, gross: No. 5 Meriby Sweet 2, No. 8 Darlene Soboleski 3, No. 12 Meriby Sweet 3, No. 13 Darlene Soboleski 2, No. 16 Maddie Kilmister 2, No. 17 Prudence Hornberger 5, No. 18 Leslie Guenther; net: No. 1 Doris Borkstrom 3, No. 5 Meriby Sweet 1, No. 8 Darlene Soboleski 2, No. 9 Karen Dunbar 3, No. 12 Meriby Sweet 2, No. 13 Darlene Soboleski 1, No. 16 Maddie Kilmister 1


At Rocky Knoll CC, Orrington

Tuesday Twilight League

Gross: Gary Chessa 36, Roger Tracy 37 (mc), Adam Fournier 37; net: Doug Higgins 31, Brad Walsh 33 (mc), Tom Bryant 33; pin: No. 9 Tom Bryant 16-3
    Thursday Scramble

Mark Hall, Doug Higgins, Quintin Allan 31 (mc); Mike Allan, Bill Ferris, George Hayes 31; Peter Fournier, David Raymond, Mel Bowden, Bill Taylor 32 (mc); Tom Winston, Adam Fournier, Dennis Kiah 32 (mc); Tom Bryant, Jim Daye, Jim Oreskovich, Barbara Baker 32; Chris Murphy, Tina Clark, Leo Goodin, John Sullivan 33 (mc); Gary Chessa, Willie Crowell, Al Feurstock, Larry Clark 33; Anthony Moore, Jerry Goss, Paul Bowden, Chuck Mayhew 35; pins: No. 9 John Sullivan 9-4

    At Rockland GC

Ladies Association

A, gross: Madolin Fogarty 83, Arlene Adams 89; net: Linda Durrell 72, Mary Kaufman 73; B, gross: Jan Bradeen 101, Joanna Schleif 114; net: Connie Welt 70, Pat Ashton 83; pins: No. 5 Mary Kaufman 28-0, No. 10 Betty Farrand 17-10, No. 18 Mary Kaufman 21-0

    At Piscataquis CC, Guilford

Thursday Night Men’s League

Three-man scramble: Mike Davis, Loren Noiles, Frank Rollins 32; Glen Sakahara, Rick Ricker, Jon Grant 33; Marty Woodard, Aaron Ward 33; James Watson, Wayne Chase, Roger Millett 35; Wayne Clukey, David Clukey, Dennis Waite 36; Toby Cleaves, Jacob Vanio, Gene Dami 36; pin: No. 6 Glen Sakahara 16-1

    At Kebo Valley GC, Bar Harbor

Men’s Twilight League

A sweeps: Bob Young +5, Thomas Wheatley +3, Frank Derevere +2, George Merrill +2; B sweeps: Lucas Dunbar +3, Ty Procter +3, Jim Barkhouse +2, Jack Gibbons +2, Gary Mohr +2; pins: No. 6 Frank Derevere 12-9, No. 9 Troy Lewis 8-4, No. 4 Jack Gibbons 19-2, No. 15 Lucas Dunbar 26-4

    At Dexter Municipal GC

Ladies Day

Blind draw: Charlene Emerson, Rita Cushman +5; pins, closest in two: No. 4 Beth Lagasse 3-6, No. 8 Pat Murray 1-5
    Men’s Senior Scramble

Ron Moody, Jerry West, Bob Plant, Tony Mayo 33
    Two-Man Scramble

Gross: Paul Farnsworth, Sean Farnsworth 32; net: John White, Mike White 29; Gerry Marshall, Kirby Littlefield 29; Dale Wright, Herb Tenney 30; Rick Sherburne, Todd Brown 30; Andy Bandola, Don Vosburgh 31

    At Foxcroft Golf Club

Hospital League

Point Quota

Dave Porter Jr., Gary Wakeland, Brian Howe plus 12; Fred Andrews, Fran Moore, Peg Wakeland 2; Mel Teachout, Challa Reddy, Scott Coy minus 1



Thursday’s Results

(payoffs not available)

First, Trot, $3,000

Yankee Penny, R. Dinning

Masai Mara, S. Mahar

Trottin’ Tarzan, C. Nye

    Second, Pace, $3,000

Membership, S. Mahar

Last Eclipse, G. Bowden

Windy City Anita, W. Brown

    Third, Pace, $2,600

My Toches, M. Athearn

Flight Forty Eight, B. Merrill

Tipping Point, G. Bowden

    Fourth, Pace, $2,200

Atreus, S. Gray

Timjon, S. Mahar

Penney’s Pride, R. Wing Jr.

    Fifth, Trot, $2,600

Miss Star K, S. Gray

Redoakswillynilly, G. Bowden

King To A Queen, R. Dinning

    Sixth, Pace, $1,800

Kate’s Atom N, G. Bowden

Woman Manager, S. Gray

Glory Days, B. Blanchard

    Seventh, Pace, $2,000

Commitment, S. Gray

Crowdgoeswild, G. Bowden

Dartanion, S. MacKenzie

    Eighth, Pace, $3,400

Take The Risk, G. Bowden

MacKenzie Seelster, S. Gray

Last Dance, R. Dinning

    Ninth, Pace, $3,600

Merry Hillbilly, S. Mahar

Shahbash, G. Bowden

Quartz Bayama, S. MacKenzie

    Tenth, Pace, $2,500

L-N-A’s Dream, S. Gray

Cosmattics, S. Mahar

Tricky Rabbit, G. Bowden


    Friday’s Starters, 2 p.m.

First, Pace, $2,000

1. Shagon Again, G. Bowden

2. Rocking Lilly N, S. Gray

3. Colleens Allibi, B. Blanchard

4. Caman, S. Mahar

5. Future Fox, D. Freeman

6. Coin Toss, P. Sowers
    Second, Pace, $1,800

1. City Cruiser, M. McGee

2. Play For Silver, S. Gray

3. Jaccka Seelster N, P. Sowers

4. Rockwood Danny Boy, T. Beckwith

5. Mac N Ernie, S. Mahar

6. Newstop, J. Mosher

7. Dealin Straight, G. Bowden
    Third, Pace, $3,000

1. Silvano, W. Brown

2. Witty Scholar, G. Bowden

3. Kentucky Bay, J. Mosher

4. Allentown, S. MacKenzie

5. Sultan of Suede, M. McGee

6. KG Westescape, S. Mahar
    Fourth, Pace, $2,000

1. Lady Drake, G. Bowden

2. Irascible, S. MacKenzie

3. She LL B Aknockout, S. Gray

4. Expos Dream, S. Mahar

5. Cody Little Gal, R. Hall

6. Strong Silence, J. Mosher
    Fifth, Pace, $3,600

1. Nordik Fever, S. Mahar

2. DW’s Abby, B. Merrill

3. Muzzy’saprilshowers, R. Lanpher III

4. Bella Paradisa, J. Mosher

5. RD Shoeless, G. Bowden

6. Sporty Callie, S. Gray
    Sixth, Pace, $2,300

1. Front Running N, R. Armstrong

2. T Farm Eddie K, R. Blanchard

3. Penney’s Express, B. Blanchard

4. Rayjean Raider, B. Merrill

5. CG Herb, S. Mahar

6. Elm Grove Dignity, R. Vachon

7. Al’s Baby Girl, A. Hall
    Seventh, Pace, $2,800

1. Shopping Addict, G. Bowden

2. Meteor Man, S. Gray

3. CR Jesse James, S. MacKenzie

4. Hickory Hercules, S. Mahar

5. Travis McGee, J. Mosher

6. Shoeshine Boy, B. Merrill
    Eighth, Pace, $3,200

1. Perfect Approach, S. Mahar

2. Redstone Ruckus, S. Gray

3. Loustown, G. Bowden

4. Red Diamond, R. Vachon

5. A Night In Paris, B. Blanchard

6. Fearless Finzareli, M. McGee

7. Danderosa, D. Dickison
    Ninth, Pace, $4,000

1. Last Stretch, R. Armstrong

2. Are You Coming, R. Lanpher III

3. Mystical Truth, S. Mahar

4. Samardi Shuttle, J. Mosher

5. NF Sinfull, G. Bowden

6. Flying Flicka, S. Gray
    Tenth, Pace, $2,300

1. Passion Hurricane, D. Freeman

2. My Special Angel, G. Bowden

3. Jaka N, R. White

4. Beach Patrol, B. Blanchard

5. Tfarm Zen Fella, R. Blanchard

6. No Shoes, S. Gray

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