June 23, 2018
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August 19 Letters to the Editor

Zone scalloping

I am writing regarding the Aug. 11 article, “Down East scallop fishermen favor new rules.” For the last five years I have been reading about the Department of Marine Resources and its battle with controlling the scallop industry.

If the department is so worried about the depletion of the industry, maybe it should consider zoning the scallop industry. I have read many opinions by Cobscook Bay fishermen who have asked the same question that seems to fall on deaf ears.

As one scalloper wrote, when you plant a garden you don’t let everyone come and harvest the crop. When Cobscook Bay opens up in 2012, if this area is not zoned to local fishermen then of course you will have everyone coming up to reap the harvest.

Seeing that DMR is considering opening up the Cobscook Bay area, maybe it should have a meeting in Washington County, not Ellsworth.

Sue Lara



Science and faith

Recently, the BDN published a letter in support of creationism (“Case for creationism,” Aug 14-15). The writer used clear and unambiguous language (thank a teacher) to support the same tired anti-science argument that was used against Galileo, thus waving a dismissive hand at the knowledge accumulated — and tested — over a great many years.

This long discredited argument claims that until science explains everything, it explains nothing. Even Pope John Paul II accepted the logical basis for evolution, undoubtedly in recognition of the error of his predecessors.

Those who propose teaching something less than real science deny the evidence of their own eyes and would encourage (or even require) others to do the same. Not only do the footprints of evolution surround us as clearly as the stars and planets whose motion Galileo explained, the effects of ongoing natural selection as explained by Darwin are also there.

I do hope, for his sake, that if the letter’s author should require medical assistance, he selects a doctor who has studied real science.

Indeed, I believe creationism and its derivative intelligent design should be taught in the public schools, but only in a comparative religion course where other creation legends can also be evaluated, including those that came long before Abraham.

The author of the letter is free, of course, to teach nonscience in Sunday School, but our public school students deserve better of their science curriculum. Don’t create a disadvantage for Maine’s students by allowing religious dogma to hijack the school system.

John D. Rule



Obama and Muslims

Am I mistaken or did President Obama miss an opportunity to improve Muslim American and non-Muslim American relations and instead likely make them worse by his recent statements?

The Lower Manhattan Muslim community may well have the “right” to build a mosque near ground zero, even if it is like sticking a thumb in the eye of 9-11 families. But by the same token, an acknowledgment by the Muslim community that non-Muslim feelings matter, and exercising a choice to build elsewhere might help change the pervasive perception that all Muslims are radicals who hate all non-Muslims.

Why our president would encourage the former instead of the latter is beyond me.

Randy Day



Advice for BP

Why is BP in America?

It’s a good thing it got the well to stop leaking, but it is kind of late. It should have been fixed months ago. All the great ideas they came up with just got them in even more trouble and lost them money. Whoever came up with the cement idea was smart but not smart enough to come up with it earlier.

It is probably going to take them twice as long to clean up. The volunteers are very nice to help clean up, especially since they didn’t make the mess. It would be much more reasonable for the BP guys to clean it up themselves.

Hopefully they won’t cause any more problems.

Elizabeth Fortier


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