June 21, 2018
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August 12 Letters to the Editor

Down East tourism

The BDN’s Aug. 5 editorial (“Polish, Then Market”) about developing tourism in Down East Maine needs to be taken seriously.

Down East Maine is an exceptional place, with the blueberry barrens, scenic coastal areas, quaint fishing villages, historic buildings, hiking, other tourist attractions, etc. It also has a difficult economy, high unemployment, an aging population and schools that are emptying out.

Economic development in Washington County as it has been done for the last many years has not worked as evidenced by the declining population, closed businesses and empty houses. We need to do something different.

We need to find some of the resources on our own within the area and begin to develop a more prosperous economy; some state and federal resources should also be available. We do not want to be like Bar Harbor (no offense to Bar Harbor) and be overrun with buses, etc., for 10 weeks of the year, but it is within the realm of possibility to offer visitors some vacation time in Paradise in exchange for some of their dollars.

In order to do this we need to improve roads, provide some additional tourist facilities, including shops, restaurants, lodging, boat tours and maybe ATV and snowmobile rentals. We also need more advertising and better access to some of the many special scenic areas.

A tourism initiative is not the complete answer to the Down East economy, but certainly could be a part of a much needed economic renaissance.

Larry Finnegan

candidate for House District 33



Cut obese government

Research by the Maine Heritage Policy Center tells a lot about Maine government. Our state government in 2008 spent $6.9 billion; that equals $13,000 per minute. The median household income was $45,200 per year. Our Maine government spends what a single household makes per year in less than four minutes.

The number of Maine government employees is 47,500. The salary of our governor is $70,000 per year. The number of state employees who were paid more than the governor was 1,468. The number of state employees who were paid more than $100,000 per year is 1,000.

Our leaders in Augusta think that this feels good. Taxpayers – how do you feel?

Vote for Paul LePage as our next governor to reduce the size and cost of our obese government, cut taxes and change regulations to promote job growth.

Ralph Field



Duck hunters snubbed

Once again, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, or IF&W, has shown a lack of knowledge of waterfowl management and a lack of concern for the average waterfowl hunter. This is shown in the proposed South Zone waterfowl hunting seasons of Oct. 1-23 and Nov. 8-Dec. 25. South Zone waterfowl hunting seasons should be all of October; and, in reality, it should be a straight season with no closures in the middle.

The closed period is when many migrant waterfowl pass though the state. A closed season at this time deprives hunters of additional hunting opportunity. This is a prime time for hunters to be afield. December waterfowl hunting has too many icing problems.

What is the biological reason for no waterfowl hunting in the South Zone in late October early November? There isn’t any. Commercial duck hunting operations rule IF&W. It is quite evident that IF&W is not interested in good waterfowl management and does not care about the average duck hunter.

Years ago, waterfowl management was important in Maine. Today, it’s not.

Fred Hartman



Dissing dead fish

Since when is a race involving children carrying dead bodies a respectable pastime?

The photo from the Aug. 9 BDN showing the dead cod children’s race in Rockland displayed humans’ false sense of superiority at its worst. A child racing with a carcass is not only disgusting, but it shows no respect for the dead being. Is this how we teach the child to respect other creatures on Earth?

Please banish this race from now on.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “The morals of a nation are judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Catherine Tanzer


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